Haya | Single 6384 190kv | 10s4p 30q | Focbox Unity | Torqueboards | Escapii | 97mm |

Hello, my name is Oscar

Deck: Haya by @bevilacqua, sold to me by @Friskies(who has also been awesome help).

Trucks, gearing, wheels, mounts: Torqueboards Single motor mechanical kit, with upgraded 218mm trucks and 97mm wheels.

Motor: Single 6374 190kv Torqueboards

Remote: Torqueboards Nano 2.4ghz.

The battery is going to be a 10s4p 30q made by @Marsen(who has been sorting out everything to do with the battery and has been a massive help).Charge only 20amp smart BMS. I still need to do a bit, car washing and gardening for the neighbours before I can get It though :joy::joy:

The ESC is probably going to be a Focbox Unity because of the ease of use, battery protection system and is compatible with dual motor upgrade. All great features for a first time builder.

Looks badass!!

After 6 hours spread 3 over days, I had finished the mechanical side of the build (had a few issues because of my limited knowledge of putting boards together).

So far I am loving the deck, (number 19) with a perfect length and width for my height, a perfect amount of concave and looks sleek, smooth and fast, it ticks all of my boxes!

Heres the battery from @Marsen, everything looks great and now all that is left is the Unity which is still awaiting fulfilment.



This build is names Escapii (Ee-scar-pee) for no real reason.

The reason I ordered a significant amount of my build from Torqueboards is because shippings to Australia costs to much, so it would be cheaper to get most things from one brand.

Again, a huge thanks to @moone, @Marsen and @Friskies for all the help!!

I was told to cross post my build thread from the original esk8 forum to this one so here it is!
From Western Australia


I made this thread a while ago on the other forum and now I am 13!!


Very nice, I’m also working on a haya build. They are imo the best looking integrated decks.


lol, when’s your birthday?

13 too!


18th apr

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God dang it now I’m the only 12 yr old left :grinning: One more month and a couple days lol… @lobbie check your pms


Nice build young blood. Can’t even imagine your build 10 years from now. Keep it up :ok_hand:


I am 14 but still much less mature then all of you


Sick build though really nice

Wanted a haya deck but couldn’t find the money for it

You do know you should look about the unity because the delays are going to be a long time and there have been some reported problems with it


Do you want that vesc since you held up your end of the bargain? I can send it to Seb if you want and you can get it off him?

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I really hope my unity works after all this waiting :grimacing::grimacing:

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I don’t really know how to say it politely but I would really love having a VESC sooner. How would I pay you back and cover the costs of shipping?


No charge for this lob. I am doing this because you held up your end of the bargain and one single vesc is no good to me. I have a few pairs but this lonely single, I blew its partner sky high so it needs a good home. Good solid vesc. Get seb @Moone to make you a loop key for it while you wait for the unity.


Really!!I couldn’t really say no to this offer. But I have to ask, what was my end of the bargain?

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Getting your thread in here my friend. encouraging the rest of you young guys to get involved.
pm the address. It may take a bit I’m over the other side. QLD.


If you want @Lobbie, @Dareno can send it to me and we can get it sorted this weekend coming.


Sounds great! Depending on how long it takes I could be riding in no time!!


i find that false.


Any reason you’re going for a unity on a single drive 10s build?
Lots of other options that would fit your needs.
It’s nice to have the option to go dual i suppose. Just curious.


I just like the opportunity to upgrade, all the features, battery protection, the app, built in power switch. All things that are good for a beginner.