Have you ever pulled the loop key in emergency?

What happened? Did it help to save the day?

Thermal runaway save the day? Wont do anything to help if its made it that far. Most people wont go near thermal runaway. So pulling the Looper is pointless.

I have always thought the idea of having the loop key somewhere you can easily reach it is to be able to cut power supply in emergency. Think a situation that something goes wrong with your remote and you get stuck in full throttle.

I think in this case it was not bad to be able to cut the battery from the esc


@ that point of short, yes I agree.

Well my loop key caught fire once, so I pulled it :thinking:

It’s the age old question of whether Hitler was a good guy for killing Hitler


Am I noob on the subject because they can catch fire? How to prevent?

@TowerCrisis @ganso.silva that happens when you dont put the loopkey all the way in. Sometimes there are small rocks dirt or similar inside. It has to do sth with the capacitor inside the xt-s. :slight_smile:

just check everytime and you are fine.


One time when my board went for a swim, I think it saved the focbox temporary before I shorted it later when I forgot to unplug the davega.

Yeah, something was wrong. I think this is what happened in an unfortunate series of events:

  • vesc mosfets blew open during riding
  • BMS shut off due to too much current (shorted vesc)
  • unplugged loop key to “reboot”
  • plugged it back in
  • resistor caught fire and burnt out
  • proceeded to flash arc across the main contact of the key and the port
  • yanked that shit like I was starting a lawnmower

Thats what its for as well as switching. Im moving over to @deckoz single as150 method. 7mm bullet with built in resistor would be easier to yank than an xt. They can be sticky. Glad you got it before kaboom

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If there’s short on the ESC side, pulling the loopkey saves the rest of the electronics. If theres something wrong on the battery side, there’s nothing you can do. I personally would put a redundant loopkey on my boards if I’m not too lazy about it. So far I’m been lazy b/c unity allows me to :stuck_out_tongue:


I literally wrote that about as150 and a guy turned up with them from HK. Weird.

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Tks by explanation!

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