Has your significant other taken interest?

My woman has always liked watching me work on my boards, even minor things. Today she revealed to me that it actually turns her on. (Not complaining!). Well I wanted to swap out my motors, solder new connectors, and run cable sleeves over my phase and sense wires after testing. Then loctite everything in place. She wanted to learn today, and ended up actually doing alot of the work. I did the soldering and cable sleeving, but I walked her through everything else and she loved it. Should I embrace this?

Have any of you had any similar experiences?


This is wholesome, lucky you!


You should immediately marry her, if you haven’t already.


This. Also you should get her to help you whilst wearing lingerie and high heels. Then send pictures here.



Don’t be silly, she also needs eye protection


I mean, I’ll try. I’m just happy next time I have to change out my pulleys, tires, motors, wheels, etc, I can pawn it off while I work on soldering or “soldering”.


I tried that. I had problems getting in and out of the bindings.


Lol, dont give me those images bro!

@Grozniy this is true mate, lingerie, leave the high heels for reasons @taz pointed out and eye protection on.

Then send photos.


I secretly hid my second board amongst scraps of first board parts… Basically like Tony Stark in Iron Man 1. My wife was a bit tipsy one evening at a block party and wanted to show off how much younger she is than the other neighborhood moms. She took my board for one ride up and down the street and said “Uhhh I love it. You should just let me ride this one and build another for yourself”

Yeah, sure dear, sounds like a great plan! Thanks for the go ahead :smirk:

Second board is t minus 1 week from completion


I’m going to need a sample of her DNA for cloning purposes.


My lady left me…

Esk8 is still here though. :slight_smile:


The gf had her first go on my AT board this weekend. She has always been put of saying “looks difficult and i have no balance”. also she has seen me fall off before.

This weekend whilst in a field i was letting a friends daughter try it. i dialed down the power and speed to make it very manageable. she picked it up very quickly. I guess the gf saw this and thought “if a 10 year old girl can do it this then so can i”

I explained that the bumpy field was probably one of the hardest places for a first go but she insisted. It actually went surprising well. She spent about half an hour riding round the field and got up to a good jogging pace. She didn’t want to go faster because she was worried about hurting her leg or ankle before tough mudder this weekend.

She said “after ive done my run i want to try this some more. I think i could be good at this . . . .
. . . . so what are you doing with your old board these days? does it still work?”

She is coming to the “evolve open” event with us and i had organised for her to borrow an ebike for the weekend. But she has mentioned that she might want to get training on the board so that she is good enough to come on the group rides :slight_smile:


My lady skates, she’s yet to esk8 tho.
Soon as i have a second board running she wants to ride but doesn’t wanna go alone or do the whole parking lot while i watch thing.


Wait you only have one functioning board?

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Yarp. And it’s a fucking riptide


Opf. My lady not only refuses to ever ride a skateboard, she gets jealous of the time I spend building… However, I recently started to take couples rides where she goes on her bike and I use my esk8! After a few rides, she u understands why I enjoy it so much. Now, Im getting asked to ride along instead of dirty looks


Big oof there, how close is the stickerbomber to running?

I nearly had a GF who rode a Boosted Mini but its not meant to be :sob:


I’ve gotta shorten motor phase wires and add a fuse on my charge port. Then just esc settings and loctite here and there. Unfortunately my soldering iron kicked the bucket.

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Another $20 down the hole…I think my soldering iron is nearly my age