Harley Quinn - Puddin' Pop | 12s2p P42A | BKB 6355 | Senor Pepe

I keep cycling in and out of a good urethane build, but this one actually seems promising, far better than the old dual hub boards with their tiny batteries and weak electronics. It will be for speed runs as it is the only board I have (or plan to have soon) that will reach 30MPH, I know for many of you that is child’s play but for me its a heart pounding experience.

So far I am really proud of how things are going along, the plan is to use custom printed blocks to hold the MR60 and GX-12 connectors in place and make them all neat, and the charge port and power button will be in the tail just in front of the rear baseplates so they are accessible but not in the way (Unity button and barrel ports are pretty low profile so it should be okay if I step on them). I will run strips of high pixel density addressable LEDs down each side so I can make it super neon bright in the dark. Just for fun I have a kayak handle on the motor mounts so I can drag it along and some washer that the mounts can roll on so technically it has a wheelies bar lol

So far I absolutely love the deck, I had the very early predecessor which had some minor things, but the new variant is absolutely spectacular! The only thing is I needed to go at it with a chisel to make enough room for the battery with a chisel, but the production ones have that fixed so no issue should you buy the deck. The size and shape is great, it feels really good to ride on (I had a temporary setup on it to ride for a while), the standing platform is massive for actual length of the board so getting really deep carves is super natural

Range: 25.1mi
Speed: 32.4MPH
Weight: 20lbs

Part Brand Name Status
Battery Molicel 12s2p P42A Owned
Bearings Zealous Steel Ordered
Belts Dickyho 290 HTD5M 15 Owned
BlueTooth METR Unity Owned
BMS LTT smart 12s 15a Owned
Bushings RipTide 90a/93a Krank barrels Ordered
Charger YZPower 50.4v 2a Owned
Deck Tomiboi Puddin’ Pop Owned
ESC Enertion FocBox Unity Owned
Handle - kayak Owned
LED Driver - Bluetooth Sourced
LEDs - 144px/m Owned
Motor Mounts Dickyho blue long Owned
Motor Pulleys Dickyho 15T steel Owned
Motors BKB 190kv 6355 Owned
Remote FlipSky VX1 Owned
Step Down - 5V 10A Owned
Trucks Caliber 10" 50°/44° Owned
Wheel Pulley Dickyho 36T bolt on Owned
Wheels Haggy Senor Pepe Owned






I hate it. This should be illegal.


Happy now? I wrote everyone on my laptop but the photos are on my phone


what is the ground clearance on that?

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This is absolutely gorgeous my dude! Several questions…

-whats size heatshrink did you use? How did you calculate it?
-where did you get that P42A tray? Is that @yelnats8j’s design?
-why is there a magnet on the tray? Is that for some battery building technique?




Somehow with drop through mounts and only 90mm wheels I get slightly over 50mm of clearance

The mounts sit super low though, I wish I had smaller motors to go on this like 5055s or something, but the tub is plenty high up for most street use

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  • 60mm heat shrink, its definitely too small because it ripped on a couple groups
  • lol no I designed that myself, want the file?
  • yes, I use a 12mm * 3mm neodymium magnet for securing nickel as I tack it into place
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You just blew my mind. Holy shit, thank you. And yea, can I also get the file for that p group jig? Goddamn. Blown.

Oooo, get some cloud wheels and it’ll be an ULTRABOARD

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Haha, tricks of the trade
4p 30Q holder V2.stl (434.3 KB) 4p 40T holder V2.stl (453.2 KB) 4p P42A holder V2.stl (454.0 KB)

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I did this too haha when I spot welded mine

It’s all fun and games until you accidentally leave it too close to the battery after you weld the first spot and then it jumps in the air from the welding magnetic field and sticks to your battery again


Explains why your packs are getting more beautiful every day. :kissing_heart: Thanks man, I appreciate it

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Haha I would if I could, does anyone want to trade in 90mm Senor Pepes or 97mm BKBs for 125mm Discoveries or the TB130s? :grin:

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Haha I have a little clip of the magnets dancing on my Insta, its fun to watch them squirm. I have some metal studs under the table that hold it together so they snap back to the same place

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Aww thanks! :relaxed:

I keep picking most of them up from stalking the battery builders thread, but I made my own little signature moves too after a dozen packs…each one gets little easier and yet somehow a little harder, perfection is so easy to chase and so hard to catch lol

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Does anyone have some M4 ID bearings?

Ideally something like 4x 634-2RS

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For belt idlers?
I might have just sold them with my last Janux mounts

New pics added, check the last one and it’ll make more sense

Also should I run a 44° baseplate in the rear? It looks like it only drops the butt by 0.02" which is negligible and I think it will add some stability right?

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