Happy Halloween from your local Bird Scooter riding hooligan

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Oh god. That is a horror story.

Tell us about those wheels though


Oh u mean dem dickyhos!!!


Dickyho airless 6" wheels, they have 100’s of miles on them and although the tread has worn down significantly, they’re a great compromise between urethane and pneumatics. Smooths out bumps and grips in the rain while maintaining the efficiency of urethanes.

Dickmaster strikes again. What a dude


Let’s test this “Bird Scooter” in comparison with other random Bird Scooter riders and see their reactions.:joy:


Yeah it was quite the sight when I was zooming at 30mph on a “Bird” past cars and bikes.

I’m not quite sure in my own masculinity, yet, to ride the rainbow with you…

Is that seriously gorilla taped to the board?

Bird jus got an upgrade.

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3D printed mount with Gorilla tape for extra security.

@chrischo1996 You need to get this

Would actually make more sense and make it look the part even more :rofl:

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I’d rent a couple of these in San Francisco if I saw em locked up and ready to go. :laughing:

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