Haggydrive wanted

Doing my first built and was thinking using the haggy drive system would be a good idea but they are unavailable for a month or so.
Just wanted to see if anyone had one for sale new or used with pneumatics.

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Welcome :call_me_hand: to this fine establishment if you give us your location US/ EU/ etc it might be easier to find you some :call_me_hand:


Thanks, US in maryland


US sale. Franny’s random stuff. @CiscoV might have other stuff and
@tipsy has some cool 3dser stuff
(US) Tipsy's Sale Thread - lazyrolling hoodie, 3ds geardrives, 3ds baseplates, motors, tires, kneepads
Oh and @longhairedboy has some haggy stuff

Welcome to the forum, @Scott2 !

On instagram you mentioned interest in the other gearing for that kit, so if you find some good haggy drives you can put these on it if you want: