Greenproto Budget Performance Mountainboard

Hi guys it’s basically a Highly modified Alibaba Skateboard with 3d Printed parts.

Deck from AliExpress covered with Carbon Glass
Battery 12S5P (Samsung 40T 21700,20Ah)
Smart BMS
Flipsky Dual 6.6
Reacher 6384 170kV
Steel Pinion for Belt Drive
Motorcycle Damper (a bit misplaced, will soon reposition)
Hard Spring at the Front.
Optimized straps Ride position; which is the most important part.

I wanted to finish some parts fast, so it isn’t beautiful or has some exotic hardware.
Specially the 3d printed ASA material box was a bit dissapointing. Also didn’t do any Vacuuming of the Carbon so it has some bloated places.
The Cost was about 1500$ or less.

But regardless of those missing cosmetics it’s really nice to ride.
And the performance is really good with those Motors.


Still seems like there’s a lot of potential here, congrats on getting it done.


I wouldn’t say Reachers are budget motors lol

It might be worth rotating the motors 90° up so the wires aren’t going to get crushed if you stand the board on its end

I wanted to go for the RT7485 Motors which is about 500$ with Taxes and DHL taxing tax to Switzerland.


  • 3d printed hutch style Cooler for the VESC box.
  • Finish the Connections on the Battery Box.
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This is cool.
So do you have grip tape on there?

Not necessary, since the surface is rough. But might try it.

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