Good value hub motors uk

Evening guys,
Been running my board for just over a year now and looking to build another board but using hub motors
I know of a few different ones knocking about but they seem to be predominately in the US and I’m over in the UK
So does anyone have any recommendations on hub motors which I could get in the UK, I’m not looking to break the bank, just something that will get the job done well.
Thanks in advance

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Maybe meepo hubs? They’re about as cheap as I’d go, but at $175 for the back truck powertrain, surely belts are just the better solution

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Good shout I’ll take a look
I found some cheap enertion hub motors without the urethane which I’m pretty tempted with but not sure what the general consensus with enertion is as it’s been a bumpy ride. And I have no idea where I’d get urethane that fits

Enertion hubs are a cesspit of issues, not to mention there is no real source for the sleeves anymore Neo jeff was going to make some but he ran off with peoples money, and so did enertion themselves. I would avoid them


Thanks for the heads up with that haha, I’ve been living under a rock for a while

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had a bit of time to do some more looking but can’t seem to find any specs on the motors? Like what’s the max voltage and amperage I can run these at?

Meepo hubs? ~1650W and run them 10-12S.
The voltage doesn’t really matter, but amperage just test them out. Start on like 1200W and creep up

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How would I know if I went too far? :wink:

If it starts to call itselfdark vador, it took to much heat


meepo 100mm hub can do 30A

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Cool, ty lads

it’s all about heat. I would not want to go over 65°C. over that and you will degrade your urethane seelves very fast and at like 80°C the magnets will slowly go bad. meepo hubs are larger and can handle slightly more amps than some of the other Chinese hubs. get the 100mm urethane sleeves though or have fun riding your jackhammer not saying it isn’t with the larger sleeves but it gets a tiny weeny bit better.
That said I very much dislike hubs, grab a belt drive you will be much better off.

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