Go-FOC D75 ----The 75V Dual Drive ESC

After nearly half a year of R&D, testing and improvement, we finally launched a dual-drive 75V version of the ESC, The Go-FOC D75!

Voltage: 75V 3-16s
Current: 140A MAX per side

Update1: The first batch sold out. The next batch is expected to back in stock by the end of the month.

Update2: D75 uses custom firmware, the original 75300 firmware can also work, but pay attention to limit the maximum current (absolute maximum < 200A)

Update3:It is recommended to turn off the phase filter! After closing it will run more smoothly (my test). Method: Enter the FOC page, find the filter page, and select Close. Configure the motor in the wizard page, do not choose to restore the default configuration.

Update4: My mistake, the silk screen printed on the right HALL and PWM ports of the first 15 upper cover silk screens was wrong (reverse) (as shown in the picture). Please ignore this silkscreen and refer to the silkscreen wiring on the left or the color of the wires. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. For this reason, I am willing to issue a 10% discount coupon for the first 15 users as compensation. Sorry again.


Woohooo! This is awesome! Of course people will wish it went even higher voltage but you’ve got quite the awesome product here. Will be cool to see how this goes

I’ve wanted to make a HV swappable pack for my MTB for a little bit now, this would be great ESC to throw in there.

Oh and to add to this, would you be willing to share some of the testing with us? I’m sure many would like to hear how it was tested




i see the esc include an on/off switch, is it a pre charged anti spark?

interesting product for sure!


The internal electronic switch only turns off the power of the logic part, similar to the HD60 and HD75 solutions


So it is essentially a sleep mode? “Low power state” or something


wow, in that case, do u have roll to start function?

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The entire system except the MOS part has been shut down. Basically no quiescent current,,,
No slide-to-boot feature… :sleepy:


At 113 x 66 x 23.5mm, it’s only a little bit bigger than the DV6 (at 106 x 71 x 23mm) and even then only really in one dimension. That’s a very neat little unit.


nice, no idle drain is still pretty good as long as the AS doesn’t fail


This looks cool :eyes::eyes: let’s try it


Ive had phenomenal experiences with the DV4 and the DV6, so I’m hoping this one doesnt let me down like the ubox has. Super excited!


If anyone is upgrading to the D75 from the DV4 I want your DV4

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Damn, next VESC purchase for sure! I’ve been loving the DV6 Pro and now with this I have an affordable way to go for 16s

How about a DV6?

I’ll have to check if it fits, DV4 is gonna be perfect though, its a Meepo V3 enclosure

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wheres your button going

Same as the stock button, if its a mom ill splice it into the DV port or ill buy a 10mm latch

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dv4 doesnt have an antispark D:
there is no button
unless you can shove one in


Ah damn, I’ll use the tiny FS one then

A Unity is so close to fitting but not quite