Getting out of esk8 come get it vultures 😂

[US] complete build.

Thinking about selling off all my eskate stuff. I haven’t ridden my board in a while and I don’t have any skaters in my area that I know of.

The board has 2 racerstar 5065 200kv with a 10s4p of 30Q that has maybe 2 or 3 made by @Scepterr charges on it. Charger is a Luna cycle advanced charger. 2 OG Focbox flashed with ackmaniacs firmware. Otang 80mm kegels with cal truck. Mounts and pullies were made by @Janux-esk8

Board was custom build and designed by me

I also have some miscellaneous parts like new flip sky motor brand new psychotiller alter wedge. Used BKB kegel pullies.

Any interest?



How? Did you only test-ride it or something? You’ve had this board for aaaaages, no?

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New pack, maybe?

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More infos on the flipsky motors, please.

I finished the board in 2018 but I have only ridden it a handful of times now would say maybe 3 or 4 so it is practically brand new I have only charged the pack to full once and that was the last time I rode it.

One of the first times I took it out after I built it I had a bad fall on it breaking ribs and hitting my head hard and hamburgers my one side so I haven’t had a good feeling about getting back on as much.

I moved to a neighborhood that has a lot more car traffic and the roads are a lot rougher. I have not ridden it as much as I thought.

Plus not having anyone near to ride with and me doing a lot more woodworking leaves me little time.

Really just trying to get it or parts of it to people that want to give it the love and riding it deserves.

It is probably my favorite artwork that I have done but I am not riding it so it just sits.


Just fyi, 3 years, even sitting, ages the cells in a battery pack.
Basically, everything ages cells.


you don’t happen to have a separate vesc in your “miscellaneous parts” do you?

No I don’t sorry. If I can’t sell the whole deck I may part it out just wouldn’t want to have to take the hole thing apart to take out just the vesc.

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Yeah I know but it can’t be as much using and then recharging. Multiple times.

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@b264 beat you to it if he doesn’t want it your next in line

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No worries, keep me in mind if you do though!

LoL I bought it

Will do I’m trying to remember what the hardware number was for them for some reason 1.7 is coming to mind what ever the last revision was.

There was 1.3, 1.6, 1.7

1.7 had a CANBUS tweak over 1.6 but otherwise identical

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Thanks Brian. I’m glad my brain can still remember that. It was purchased around the time they were having the issues with the film being left on the thermal conductor pad that was blowing a lot of the focbox. I got mine and checked it out as soon as I got them.

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As far as im aware, sitting idle for 3 years vs even 1 time month for 3 years the second would be better.

also really key what did you leave the cells at for that duration,

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Still love this board. Just give it to me so you know itll have a good home lol. Hate to hear you’re getting out. Hope things change for you and you keep it.


ill give u 10 for the foc

What a pretty board! I like the diagonal motor placement.

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It is is what I had to do for the smaller cal 2 trucks.

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