Gael | LY Evo 40 | 12s4p 40t Dual 6374 190kv (First Build)

Well it’s finally done. Can’t believe this all started 3 years ago because I wanted something cheaper than a boosted board (It definitely hasn’t been). But I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and building has been a blast!

Started out with prep and sanding, this deck has seen some use so I figured it deserved some fresh paint. Not a huge fan of the paint I used but it looked pretty good for the first couple days of riding at least.

Next was the carbon fiber wrap, just some cheap stuff I found on eBay.

Drivetrain came in from Torque boards

Enclosure and battery was next. I must not be very observant because on eBoosteds website it says a 5mm gasket is needed for the 40t pack when used with the Evo SS enclosures. But I was able to find a place in town that sells giant sheets of rubber that worked perfectly.

Soldered a xt90 onto the Unity, along with the battery reading wire from the vx1 receiver and figured out how it was all going to fit.

Drilling the holes for the enclosure was probably the hardest part. For some reason I couldn’t get the damn things to line up when inserting the screws. I ended up making the holes on the enclosure a little bigger so there was a little give and it worked out alright, not my proudest moment but at this point I was getting pretty impatient and just wanted to ride.

After everything was set up and wired properly I just needed to do the griptape. Messed around on the computer one night and found a pattern that looked alright.

And that’s pretty much it. Entered in the settings on the unity app, and took it for a spin! The angles on the Evo are a pain to work with so I ended up needing a hell of a lot of risers to get the motors mounted forward and clear the enclosure. Eventually I’d like to get some different mounts and get rid of the risers but for now it works and rides like a dream!

  • List of parts used -
    Evo Falcon 40
    Caliber II 44° Baseplates
    7° riser pads
    1/2 inch riser pads
    TB Mechanical kit
    TB 6374 190kv motors
    Focbox Unity
    eBoosted Evo 40 SS Enclosure
    eBoosted 12s4p 40t pack
    Flipsky VX1 remote
    ABEC 11 super fly 107mm

  • Current unity settings -
    Batt discharge 60A
    Break regen -10A
    Motor current 60A
    Break current -30A
    (If anyone has suggestions on better settings feel free to let me know)

  • Plans for the future -
    Pad the inside of the enclosure better and work on waterproofing.
    Get something done by @Sender because the carbon fiber wrap ain’t doing it for me.
    LEDs and shredlights for nighttime commuting.
    Different mounts (possibly out the back) so I can get rid of the risers.
    Harder bushings.
    Davega X should be coming in a month or two.

Special thanks to @Jujo for the wheels and remote. It really got me committed to finishing this thing, many thanks brother :metal:

If anyone’s ever in the Asheville area and wants to skate hit me up!


Nice that Evo Falcon looks amazing!! Sweet build🤙


Excellent job brother. She looks amazing… Fuck boosted :fu:t3:


Thanks man! And thanks for the suggestion on the battery in my last thread, it’s a beast


Looks great!
Since it’s your first build are you already looking at upgrades? Or happy to ride as is?

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Thanks! I’m riding it as is for now and it feels great. But the amount of dope stuff on the forum makes me a little envious and I can’t help but want to upgrade it somehow lol. Going to focus on getting it dialed in for my weight and ride style right now.

For sure!
Biggest recommendation I can make is pneumatics!
Otherwise it looks fantastic!
There’s a bushing advice page on here for riptide that really helps set things up properly

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Love seeing first builds this good! Also the helmet :+1:

You can increase the battery discharge to 100A (25A per cell is what Mooch rates the 40T at), and increase the battery regen to -24A (The 40T is rated for 6A fast charge. It’s common on this forum to increase that even more since the cells can usually handle it for short bursts, and it might be important in an emergency situation. So if you need even more braking, feel free to increase that to even -50A)


Ok cool thanks for the tip! Speaking of emergency breaking, a car slammed on their breaks in front of me today and I couldn’t stop in time, took a nice tumble down the road… so this is good advice I appreciate it :+1:

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Yeah, getting familiar with max brake across the RPM range on your skate and adjusting it to where you feel comfortable is a necessity if you are riding on the streets and would like to remain whole.

Beautiful first build, btw. If I’d built something like this first, I might have been happy with it and not built 4 more… Who am I kidding… :man_shrugging:


It ended up amazing, congrats! Hope you realize not very much people get such a nice esk8 at the first build, so you did great and should be proud.

You may need longer motor mounts to mount them outwards but the look would be sick, removing risers will make it look even cooler


One of the better first builds I’ve seen. Looks great as well.

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