Fuck Kanye - 42" Loaded vangaurd | 16s3p p42a | 2x Cheap FOCer v3 | BN-M1 (Build Log)

@Sn4Pz would be so proud
After a year and a half of being broken, I’m finally reviving this board.

I did two things to this board

  1. I left the loop key in and destroyed the battery
  2. When removing the battery I noticed the wire that was routed into the deck was mangled and destroyed, leaving the board unusable for esk8. This was probably caused by me jumping on the board like a madman.

It’s been a hard year and a half. I went from being an 11th grader to being in college, the US is now in a recession, and my local Wendys now charges $5 for the 4 for 4.

I spent about a year dreaming about a full length loaded vanguard enclosure that was segmented like the Kaly enclosure, but my hopes were low until…

But there is one problem, this was for the 38" (boosted sized) vanguard. I went from hyperventilating to sobbing (not actually) in the span of 5 seconds and I decided to do the thing any sane person would do; convince a bunch of other people that they needed this enclosure.

I got my enclosure a few weeks ago and I am so excited to build this.

Here’s where I’m at with this

the trucks are not bolted on.

This baby is going to MARIO’S BOARD GARAGE LLC to have the enclosure mounted by someone far more skilled than I am. I dont want thru bolts, so I need the magic man to install some inserts.

Here’s my projected parts list
Deck: Senderized flex 2 vanguard
Enclosure: @eBoosted vanguard 42" MS
Battery: 16s3p p42a with cell’s im probably gonna salvage from a ded hurricane pack (bms shit the bed)
ESCs: Probably a pair of Cheap FOCer 3s
Trucks: Boardnamics 220s on split angle baseplates
Motors: Reacher 6375 170kv (THANKS @DeadLightning)
Motor Mounts: IDEA Medium Length w BN clamps
Wheels: Loaded 105/Momentum 105/Meepo 90

I hate kanye but the album cover is sexy


i’ll probably change it when I find an appropriate title.

OH nice. Those 220’s look massive on the vanguard. I have a build in the works as well but can’t decide between bn270 vs 220 hangars. After seeing this pic, I’ll stick with 220 I think. Skyart is building me a 12s7p for the enclosure, once I get that I’ll start my own build log. And yeah, kanye is trash, though I do like a few of his albums.


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I bought a pair of 270s for it so I can use my 6385s, but when I put the 220s on i very quickly realized that there’s no way in hell im going above 220s HAHA

i’m probably just going with BN gear drive and their small 6355 motors. I’m not climbing any massive hills. Just cruising on smooth asphalt.

i hate flipsky motors. so loud for no reason. the only noise I wanna hear are gears going REEEEEEEEE.
That’s why I pretty much only want reachers.

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Lol the title



I mean fair enough, I hate the coil whine too, but even on helical jump drives the whine becomes a non-issue because the drivetrain is louder. If I were you I’d get some maytech 6374 motors, they should be easy to come by and are quiet yet quality

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There’s a big difference to me. I’m running reachers on my mountainboard, and with 20 miles on the odo I’m loving the sound profile of just mechanical noises and a bit of whistling.

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Just dropped the deck and the enclosure off at Mario’s. I’ll see you guys in a month or few when I get it back!


Congrats on the build, it seems you went through a lot challenges! I’m glad you see light on the other side of the tunel


:eyes: santa showed up and dropped these

Thanks @DeadLightning. Fucking amazing, im so excited!


Glad you like them! Saw you were missing them here and thought they would be perfect :grin:

Had to stalk your threads because the only thing you gave me for things you wanted was something akin to “idk lol skate stuff?” :rofl:


That sounds exactly like something I’d say hahahaha.

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This is gonna be a chonky boy.

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Glad to see it’s getting some love again :slight_smile:


Those wheels look tight as fuck \m/

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Small and sad update. The gears aren’t gonna work out. Unless I run 270s on a vanguard (which i refuse to do) they hit the baseplate. I tried BN motors mounts but they were also too short, so I picked up a set of @IDEA mounts. They have a much longer c2c distance so they should completely clear the baseplate and deck. no more screaming GDs for this build, but honestly its probably for the better haha