FSESC 6.6 On/Off Switch wiring/ behavior?

Actualy this topic is part of a weird behavior of the FSESC 6.6 which I will discuss later, but for better understanding, I need this information about the HW-layout:
I have different behavior between the disconection of the battery and the switching of via the built-in-no-spark-button. The ESC seems to reset in a different way. So, is the button directly hard wired to the gate of the FET, which means that also 5V and 3.3V are definitely ‘down’ with switching of? Or is there any wiring that keeps the ram ‘staying alive’ for more than a few seconds?
As example: the ESC is already in a state that the motor does not start any more (after several watchdog-resets). Switching the button ( keepin ‘off’ for quite a few seconds) does nor help, but disconnecting the battery for a few seconds helps.