[FS - US] Dremelseed for sale - pause on sale

Edit - putting this sale on hold for a little bit. Going to add an esc and switch a few things around.

This board is rad, but I need to sell it to make room for my incoming build.

It comes with pneumatic wheels and thane wheels. You can hot swap between them with no wheel bite on either (with drop through on RKP!)

EDIT What you get:

Everything except an ESC currently.

  • Demonseed 42 composite deck (modified rear end to fit motors with drop through mounting)
  • 10s5p Molicel p26a battery in excellent condition (perfect balance) will get you >20 miles range if you do a urethane build. Want more range? Add 4 more P-groups :slight_smile: that is what I was going to do before I decided this one needed a new home. There is plenty of room in the enclosure for more cells to be added to the battery.
  • Custom fiberglass / carbon fiber blue camo weave enclosure with mounting hardware (SEXY)
  • 5 amp charger
  • LLT smart BMS (never wonder if your battery is healthy again)
  • BN270 on paris plates
  • TB6380 190kv
  • riptide 90a krank bushings
  • TB110 72a black unobanium wheels
  • TB pneumatic wheels
  • pulleys + all the belts you need
  • gt2b remote
  • BN 40t pulleys

$1000 + Shipping. Buyer covers fees if you choose a payment that incurs those. Venmo/paypal/cashapp.


What metro area are you in?

Sweet deal, glws

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Bay area - totally ok with shipping this too. I would guess it is around $30 or $40 but I can confirm for anyone interested


Update - now selling this as a complete board. 2 in 1 - run thane or pneumatics on dropped through reverse kingpin trucks! Comes with both wheel sets.


Sweet deal here! Glws!!

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