FS - 12s4p flexible battery - 30q - discharge bypassed bms (D140)

Made this pack for a member - but totally neglected the specs they wanted.

So…I can’t ship this battery, and had to make another one to spec.

This is a 12s4p pack:

  • 30Q cells, 48 of them
  • 12awg silicone wire on mail leads
  • 22awg silicone wire balance leads
  • doubled up 22awg (19awg equivalent) on charge leads
  • xt60 female connector on mail leads
  • charging and bms leads has 3.5mm bullets.

All you need to do is supply charger, and splice in charge+ connection. I will include necessary 3.5mm bullets to complete installation.

Price and specs:


It’s packed up, ready to go now. Shipping out of Los Angeles.

Let me know if you have any questions.


What is the diameter for the red-back motor power out cables ?



pretty much exactly what I was going to ask you to build for the haya

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wait, did you order one already, or were planning to?

anyway, i’ll PM you

6.9 dollars per 30q ?! Jeez that’s a lot for a single cell, there must be another supplier cheaper

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I think thats what he charges per cell assembled in its p group.

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that price has supplies (PCBs, fish paper, insulators, adhesives) and my time built into it.

u know what tho, i shouldn’t be including the PCBs as a separate item…corrected.