Found - [WTB] (San Jose, CA) - Evolve Trucks Set (Gen3)

I can pick it up if around the area or let me know how much shipped. Message me

Best bet is to just buy them new from evolve… they have them on sale now…so for about 100$ you can get the whole set (excluding motor mounts)… also be sure to grab pivot cups for the base plates as their not included when you purchase the set up separately… :call_me_hand:t5:

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@Arzamenable, maybe you don’t need the set you lended me?

@KaramQ you have a set for sale?

No I don’t but @Arzamenable might have a set he’d sell. A while back he let me borrow the back truck with mounts for a build but I gave them back

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You just gotta show for a Saturday group ride with skoza scooters (they are cool trust me) and find me and @anon54720240

BAESK8 group ride?

@Arzamenable where?

Probably SD area this Saturday. Next 4th of July I’m going to LA with a motley crew

@Arzamenable I’m in North Bay, San Jose CA. can you ship it?

Might be cheaper to just order from evolve website

I hate the post office.

lol. ok thanks!

I have Friday off. Putting aboard together for Jordan, can easily unfuck your battery situation. Sell the trucks if can tolerate the post office. It gives me more anxiety than catholic mass.

I think you are missing the middle king pin that makes double king pin trucks magical as @Psychotiller has told me once. :joy:

Yup Evolve are DKP

Deal. Sold. How much does the buyer weigh?
Matters bc bushings

I wanna ride tomorrow, what time you guys planning on riding, I got the exway

I got a spare mid kingpin for the dkp

Thank you guys for all the help. I just ended buying a new set