Forestshredder, Long-Range E-MTB Build

Started this build nearly a Year ago, the Goal was to create a Long-Ranged E-MTB for daylie (ab)use.

It all begann with my Evolve GTX 2 years ago. :sleeping:

I pack my experience from Work, Snowboarding and Skating in a big Jar and mix it up with hours of hours watching @Lee_Wright , @rich , @NoWind and other Channels on Youtube / searching the WWW and asking Friends/Family for advises.

The result was this first setup:

  • Deck: Trampa Bigboy
  • Trucks: Trampa Infinity Precision Trucks
  • Binding: Trampa Ratched with Heel Straps
  • Wheels / Tyres: E-Toxx Offset Hubs / 9’’ Mudplugger
  • Drivetrain: E-Toxx APS 80mm Helical-Geardrive (1/5)
  • Motors: 2x APS 8072S 165Kv
  • Esc: 2x Flipsky 200A Hi-Current Esc
  • Remote: Flipsky Vx1
  • Batterie: 2x 6S2p Swaytronic 32’000mAh Li-Po
  • Batterie Enclosure: USWE Protector 15 Backpack

First Parts arrived:

After a long Time the Motors showed up:

I’ve Battle Harden first the Motors on the GTX first to get use to it before i’ve done the APS ones.
(Thank’s to @Lee_Wright 's Video was it easy going :pray:t5:)
(newer Picture when i changed the Sensor Cables to Superflex and Repinned all Connectors)

First assembling:

Finally recieved the Flipsky Order and started immediately to make them as i want them:
custom Heatsink and Optimised Wiring/Connectors:

Made a Custom Box to fit them

Tight fit and messy AF :sweat_smile::

Feeding Time for the Batteries:

First Test on the Bench showed a DRV Fail from one ESC. Orderet a new one, arrived 2 Months later :sleepy:
After this mess i’ve done the work again on the new one and Voilà… IT’S ALIVE!! :smiling_imp:

Next Day i got myself geared up in motorcycle Cloths and went for a Testdrive… after 2.5km (1.5miles) the “Old” ESC shorted, kill the reciever from the VX1 and i had to walk at Home at ca.25C (77f) in full Motorcycle Gear.

Back at Home i ordered two VESC6 MKV from Trampa (incl. a Wand)

At the evening the next Day my Front- DKP snapped on my GTX, leave me with a Cracked Skull and a destroyed
Backpack (Thank god it didnt happend with the Batteries in it)

Switched to a Point 65N Backpack for my own Safety (and the Li-Pos)
Cured my Head, set the new Vesc’s up an did a short Testride:

IT was GREAT!!!
VESC Settings at 80A each
The Board responds sharp as Hell and accelerate like a Jet (Ok i was more used to my GTX :rofl:)

I drove like this daylie to Work and to different Places on the Weekend (total of nearly 2’000km/1’242miles), had to walk once after a 65km/40.3miles(2x 2h) Ride and a ripped of Sensor Cable (on the half way trough i recognise it)

On Easter this Year i was ready for more and set the Vescs to 100A, abused the shit out of it and crashed at +50kmh (+30mph) on tarmac, ripped of my Moto Jacked, my Visor on the Helmet off and Crack’d my Backpack/ got a few scratches :scream:

Since then i’ve installed a Batterie Box on the Board, repared my Wand, Changed Hall Cables to superflex, added a Fluid Damper on the Front and changed my Safetygear:

New Helmet is on his way :sweat_smile:

Future Plans are:

  • VESC Enclosure from E-Toxx (arrived this Week)
  • APS 80100 (since i’ve got nearly 80C (176f) after 30min (ab)use on the Motors
  • Better Cable Management (QS8, Cable sleeves etc.)
  • MBS F5 Bindings

Thanks a lot @NoWind for making absolute f’king great stuff and outstanding support, @Lee_Wright for saving me from to many mistakes, @Esk8freaktal for supporting me with suggestions since the beginning and leading my first steps into the Esk8 world,@rich for beeing an absolute motivation (sorry but jumping with nearly +25kg(+55lbs) is really hard), and my Bud’s who aren’t on the Forum for keeping me up an supporting me.

If you make it to the End:

:pray:t5:THANK YOU FOR READING!! :pray:t5:

Stay Safe and have Fun doing what you like!


Lol I think you mean 30 mph

Really cool build man, good job. The mileage you’ve got on it is pretty high!


My bad :sweat_smile:, for sure it’s 30mph not 80mph
Thank’s a lot! How can i change my fault?


You won’t be able to edit any posts until you reach the next user level on this site

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Alright, i will edit it as soon i achieved the next user level

Thank’s for you help!

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Great build man and thanks for your words :metal:

WTF do you live in Wil?

I’m not sure about motorcycle helmets, they are heavy and it’s easier to brake the neck. I would recommend full face MTB helmets but any helmet is better than none. Seems you have have some nice safety gear :ok_hand:

whats the range on that bad boy

Nice build! Out of curiosity, why put the damper in the front? I would have thought that made the board less stable, as the rear is able to oscillate more than the front and initiate fishtailing.

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Appreciate that :relaxed:

I work in Wil, my home is a 20min ride away :sunglasses:

My new Helmet is a full face Motocross one, haven’t had another around except my snowboard nut shell :exploding_head:

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Between 45km(27miles) @30Wh/km to ca.70km(43miles) @20Wh/km

:thinking: I’ve added one to the front simply to reduce hi-speed wobbles, and let the rear loose because of better traction on Gravel.
I set it up for topspeed and down in offroad conditions.

Adding one to the front just helps to adjust the stiffness on the go. If you wanna go fast or hard off-road than put it to stiff, if you wann go carver put it to lose.
In my opinion it doesn’t really help to dampen out wobbles more than bushings or barrels would do.

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You are welcome brother! Glad you foundy videos useful and you’ve build a great board :+1:

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I wouldn’t agree with that in over all, i put it lose to be able to catch corners on trails better/ be able to react to obstacles faster.
dont’t wanna be miss understood i keep the damper all the time relative stiff and from my expierience (so far) if i set it stiffer (nearly max stiffnes) it feels much safer to go speedy on straight tarred path’s compared before i mounted the damper.

Thanks mate, i recommend your channel to fiends in our Group when im not able to help them face to face. Appreciate you response and keep your work up :call_me_hand:t5:

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Little Update:

Due to a accident on Work, i could only use one Hand the last 2 1/2 weeks (5 stitches, nearly cut a crave)

Finally i’m allowed to (and can) use both Hands again.

Last week i got my Vesc Enclosure with custom top plate from @NoWind.

Tight fit, looks like i have to shorten my adapter from XT90 to XT150

First mounting test, gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A friend with a 3D-Printer does a cable channel who suits my 6AWG cables

Also i swap the Bolts who hold my Batterie Case from M5 to M8 and sunk them into the Deck (finally)

Bolted the middle part from the Vesc Enclosure down for the silicone Gasket to dry, and assembled my Battery case.

Hopefully im able to go on a Ride on Friday :pray:t5:


Happy to see you here Dude.
Nice Build.
Keep it updated


Yesterday DHL arrived at my home and delivered my F5 bindings…
No way i didn’t try this out imidiatly… So shorten my battery cables… Hook all up and…

Was out for a night ride at 3Am and it was beautiful😍 so pleased with this Binding.

But… I’m now a connection issue child with the wand :sleepy: i took my time to read a lot of posts where other people report issues. But for me, i dont wanna place the reciever outside my new loved enclosure and after the wand survided the last crash i trust the strengh of this remote during impact to much to swap it out. Also i have try to relocate the reciever to another place (limited by the cables) but it didn’t dissapear.

I made a short video (also there is a “flimmer” on the acceleratoon arrow now who didn’t show up bevore)


Today i want to prepare for D.I.R.T challenge… Do a little service i think…
Soo we have already a weakspot to deal with…

What the hell? I might need a better solution for this🤔


Yeah stainless truck bolts bad idea

Gotta get 12.9 zinc oxide ones


Thanks a lot for the advise, do you guys know where i get a piece of those 12.9 ones?