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FOCsTrot Lite - Battle Axe | Bergs | HeXL | 6.6+ | 12s3p | 6374s

Didn’t think I’d see this day, but here we go with a fresh start to a build that started back in December 2018…presenting the new and improved FOCsTrot Lite! Now with better design and parts


For the most part this is a campus board, an average of 5 miles a day in all weathers on brick and sidewalks, swerving through hoards of college students dead to the world…but now and then I will take it for a spin on the twisting and turning back roads of my home city (in the dark of course)!

Cool Shit

I’m gonna try a couple fun things with this build, namely some hella dope lights and a kick tail mod

  • Lights
    – I got enough lights for 72 pixels of addressable LED on each side of the board and 6 super bright LED bulbs on the front, if I’m lucky I can get them to run off an Arduino so the under glow responds to the movement of the board through a 9 axis accelerometer
  • Kick tail
    – Since I’m gonna be on tight sidewalks all the time, I wanted a kick tail to make point turns (I get beached using a 40" long board)…the battle axe doesn’t have much in the way of a tail but that’s fine, I will add a bar parallel to the axles off the back of the rear truck (maybe 6" behind the rear axle) that I can use for leverage and pop the front wheels up

Useless Numbers

Speed: 23.8 MPH ± 4.0 MPH (assuming 75% efficiency)
Range: 25.3 miles (assuming 3.0V cut off and 20 Wh/mile)
Weight: maybe 23 pounds? not sure yet

Expensive Things


  • YZPower charger (50.4V 8A)
  • Dickyho motor pulleys (steel 15T)
  • TSG helmet (Pass)
  • Haggyboards wheels (Bergmeisters)
  • Boardnamics mounts (SR TKP idler)
  • Psychotiller enclosure (Flagship V2)
  • METR Bluetooth module (Pro)
  • Landyachtz deck (Battle Axe 35")
  • Psychotiller trucks (heXL)
  • Flipsky ESC (dual 6.6+)
  • Flipsky remote (VX1)
  • MayTech motors (dual sealed/sensored 170kv 6374) [ordered ETA August]
  • Hyperion battery (12s3p 30Q bypassed) [ordered ETA August]

Wheels!!! I’m so glad I went for the Bergs…they are sexy AF! Also not terribly large and heavy, they look kinda small after the 200mm pneumatics


We got mounts!! These feel super solid as is but I will look into a cross brace for them too…may change to a sand blast finish though


Thoughts on sticking with the new VESC Tool or swapping over to the Ackmaniac software? Using Flipsky FSESC 6.6+ and METR Pro module, I don’t think changing the software invalidates the warranty

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What are your recommendations for cheap and easy to obtain (in the US) coatings for a molded ABS enclosure?

Truck bed spray?

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Is there any particular formula that you know works well? I just got my psychotiller enclosure but there are a few defects I wanna patch

Ask people like @Linny and @DerelictRobot - they’ve sprayed things up. I don’t think so though… it’s all pretty much the same stuff. Just textures and matt’s the surface.


I know Linny uses some stuff you can’t get cheap in the US…some local stuff for him

The only viable option I’ve used (due to cost) was the Rustoleum truck bed liner. The first few sprays out of the new can were aerosol duds so I had to shake it rather very vigorously. Luckily for me, I was used to the motion. After I got it going, I just applied a few light coats over my Psychotiller Evo enclosure


How has it held up? And do I need to rough up the surface first?

I didn’t really know how the liner was going to interact with ABS so I took it to a sandblaster set to 25psi for a light sanding. So far it’s held up after a few hundred miles. I messed up and applied too thick of a first coat and it’s noticeable as the surface isn’t even :frowning:

I wish I had a sand blaster

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Since I’m using MayTech 6374 motors, I lose another 14mm compared to other dual 6374 motors, so I made a custom pulley that is a little lower profile (23mm from hangar face to mount face w/o clearances and speed washers and 17mm are teeth). Thoughts on the design? Gonna print from high infill PLA


To match the wheel pulley I CADed up a new motor mount plate to go with the Boardnamics idler clamp and hardware. It matches the 100mm and 63mm outer rim of the pulley and motor can so it should protect everything from getting fucked up. Does this look like a good design?


Could you explain this bit? Not sure why but its gone wayyyyyyyyyyy over my head


The section with the slots is where the axle clamp mounts, the diameter of that section is 100mm (same as the rim of my pulley, see above) so in theory it will impact before the belt and pulley, so they don’t get damaged.

Same for the motors except that section has a 63mm diameter

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OOOHHH sort of encapsulating the drive system in a Trampa fashion. To my untrained eye, all i can say is looks good!


Yeah that’s where I got the idea, I might make a print that will encapsulate the whole thing but not for a while

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