Focbox Unity won't power off

Hi All,
I tried searching and doesn’t seem like anyone came across this issue yet. Please help:

-Basically sometimes my Focbox Unity VESC won’t power off via the stock power button
-I have to open up my enclosure to disconnect the battery to turn it off
-tends to happen after I bolt up my enclosure
-started happening after I was caught in the rain once for 1min in the summer :frowning:
-while I can’t turn it off, my remote is Hoyt Puck Remote is unresponsive & my VESC Tool app will also say “cannot read firmware…” Screenshot below
-everything fine after I disconnect/reconnect the battery (I can ride it, program it, turn it on/off etc.)

Any ideas? is it condensation or something? Really hoping to not have to buy a new VESC @_@

Thanks in advance!

Mine would turn off and then turn back on within a few seconds. Does your button respond at all?

While in this “coma” mode, the power button stays lit and would not turn off once it is turned on. Only way I could turn it off is disconnect the battery. Basically unresponsive button whilst in “coma” mode.

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Replace the button.

You could always eliminate the switch and go loop key.


Thanks. Would a faulty switch explain the non responsive remote & Vesc tool though?

maybe the switch is at fault trying to non stop power cycling the unity, unplug the switch and use a screwdriver to short the 2 MOM pins (short period, don’t hold it) and see if the unity still has the same problem

if no, then its drity cheap and easy to replace a MOM switch

if yes, then u have a bigger problem on ur hands :joy:

Sounds like a bad switch that’s stuck on. You have an extra laying around?

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Cool. I didn’t know i can turn the VESC on/off via shorting the 2 MOM pins. I just did that and was able to power on/off the VESC multiple times with no issues.

I think it is indeed the power button which i don’t have an extra lying around (my other board uses flipsky 6.6 duel plus, so I don’t believe the plug is the same)

For now I just wiggled the switches wires and hope the problem doesn’t show up again. If it does, I’ll just get a new switch~

Thanks so much guys!!

This is what I am wiggling:


If you need a new switch, these work

12mm Flat Head + Momentary Black + Green Led + 3-6V

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