Focbox Unity (US)

I know I’m probably dreaming, but I’m looking for a Unity (new or used) to put in a partial build I am buying.



There were a lot recently delivered that was late. A lot of people bought extras or got tired of waiting and got a different vesc. They will be popping up soon!

Any word on your unity. Mine order still says awaiting fulfillment

No update since day ordered :cry:

For the record, exactly how long at this point? I almost pulled the trigger on a pre-order, lol

April 1st… Almost comically. I got it before the Easter buy 2 deal. I don’t have high hopes for those orders being sent in this batch.

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I’m hoping you get it so I can get your old crap :wink:

Thanks for that :expressionless:

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I’ve been watching Enertion’s site and up until yesterday it said they were available for purchase, without any indication they had them in stock or anything.

I submitted a support request asking if they were just in stock, and while they never replied, I saw their website updated today and they are now a “Preorder” with a note that says: More stock arriving soon! ALL new orders shipping before the end of August.

I hope you all get yours soon, and if anyone has an extra, let me know. :slight_smile:

I just paid someone for their lightly used Unity. Once received I’ll update this thread and then we can close ‘er down.


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Received! Please close this thread.