FOCBOX Unity settings for 10S5P of 35E's please!

Hey guys, I’m a noob who has just ripped all the Evolve rubbish out of my CGT and replaced with the Focbox Unity, a charge-only BMS, and 10S5P pack of 35E 18650’s feeding a pair of Racerstar 200Kv motors. I’m also running 200mm MBS AT wheels. Mainly doing flat, smooth runs for commuting to work.
I’m confused about what settings to use in the configuration of the Unity. When I do motor detection it sets it all to 60amps max discharge, I’ve heard that whilst 30Q’s might be okay with that, the 35E’s will only output maybe 30amps (for 4p). Can one of you legends help me with the calcs please so I don’t do any damage? Thanks in advance! Owen, New Zealand

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E35 are rated for 10A cont. However they give quite big sag at that draw.
They’ll definatly be able to handle it without damage tho.

You need to set max draw on each individual vesc to what you think is a safe/good draw (bit of religion involved here) and devide it between the vescs. So say if you think that 40A cont. is a good max for a 4P pack(following manufacturer guidelines) its 20A per VESC in batt current.

In reality short peaks of +50A is not a problem. Its when the cells get hot the amps really matter. Aslong as they remain at a sane temp, peaks aren’t that big of an issue (if you ask me). Just be careful not to break to hard(for a long distance) when they’re fully charged.

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Battery A 50A
Motor A 55A
Battery Regen -16A
Motor Regen: -54A


As @mackann said. If it sags too much then decrease the battery max.
Unity app sets value differently than the canonical vesc tool. You don’t need to dived the battery amp. It will do it for you. On the other hand motor amp is set as single but worth for both the motors. Long story short. Insert what @mackann said and you are good to go :grin:


Thanks so much for your guidance guys, I crashed about five months ago when my chubby hand engaged the configuration mode on that ridiculous R2 remote. Tore my miniscus and am only coming right now. If I’d known how much grief, and how much time and money I’d be spending to get their factory standard product performing satisfactorily I’d of bought a Lacroix! Or LHB, Kaly etc. This is sooooo much better !

Here we go!!


image image Thanks for your help guys, this thing is a weapon, compared to the horrendous factory CGT. WOW!

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Does this fix the breaking making it softer?