Focbox Unity Questions please.

Hey guys,

I got a board with a Focbox Unity that only goes 27 mph on all modes. Whether the mode on The remote shows low, med, or high, the speed all goes up to 27 mph.
Is it possible to change and assign limits so that Low =11 mph, Med=20, Hi=27, for example?
My Backfire had an Economy (11mph) and Sport (23mph) modes which I could select from the remote.
I’m asking whether it’s possible to assign 3 speed modes on the Unity that could be selected by a click of a button just like on the commercial boards? Or could I only use one speed mode at one given time and could only be changed through the VESC Tool app? Thanks.

The remote mode is controlling torque or power, not speed.

Which remote? Probably not, but you could change the maximum duty cycle and the duty cycle current limit start or use the profiles.

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