FocBox Unity | Hall sensor issue | Hall detection problem

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my FocBox Unity. I’m trying to detect hall sensors in my motor but without any good results. I’ve checked the phase wires, checked hall wires, everything is okay. When I connect motors to normal FocBox, not to Unity, everything is fine. But when I connect motors to Unity it can’t properly detect hall sensors. I’m using RacerStar 5065 motors. I have few of them and always is the same problem - it cannot properly detect hall sensors. This problem is on Android FocboxUI, on Windows UI and on Windows FocBox Tool. I don’t know what to do. I’m attaching screen to this topic.

Waiting for your reply and maybe for problem solution.

Best regards, Bartek

@Deodand could you weigh in?

Out of interest do other motors detect? I’ve actually got some racerstars and a unity going into my next build, it would be interesting to see the outcome.

I assume however that its working because people are upgrading evolves all the time with unities and those use racerstars.

Also she’s a fox, NICE BRAH

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I have eight of RacerStar’s - the same motor, and I have still the same issue. But when I connect other motors, for example 6374, everything is okay… I really don’t know what to do.

@Brenternet, yep, she’s a fox :sweat_smile:

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At least that rules out a unity error. One step closer and the sum total of my detective work. Someone smart will follow behind and solve the mystery :+1:

Trouble shooting mode: Did you change from 5 pin to 6 pin JST connectors? Looks like Unity is detecting motor 2 sensors, but not motor 1. Maybe compare the sensor wire order between the motors. I believe the red blocks shows that flux linkage was not detected. Which indicate that hand spinning of the motors was not done or not hard enough.

GND and 5V from motors to Unity needs to correlate. Temp is not used. Order of U, V, W to H1, H2, H3 does not matter.



Yes, I changed connectors properly. As I said - these 5065 motors work fine with other VESCs, or with other Single FocBoxes. Problem is just when I connect them to Unity

What he said :arrow_up:

It detects flux linkage properly. I just havent turn motors by my hand. But it works. Just hall problem :\

Still the same problem. I have no idea what else I can do. I’ve checked soldering, I’ve checked cables, I’ve burnt new bootloader - everything. I don’t know what to do. Help please

Check each sensor wire with the diode mode on a multimeter see if each reads roughly the same value? If one seems off from the other three will help you narrow down which connection or sensor is broken. I’ll be honest not sure exactly how diode checking mode works but seems to be a thing for checking transistors and other semiconductor based things, just looking for “one of these things not like the other ones, one of these things does not belong”.

I have a set of these 5065 motors from racerstar, the halls work fine for me with the unity so it’s difficult to understand what is going on here. I bought them awhile ago so maybe it was an earlier batch?

It looks like motor 1 is having the issue and motor 2 is fine. If you swap them do the motor 1 sensors stay bad?

A suggestion, use your pc to upload the newest firmware to your unity. If you have already the newest firmware do it again.

@pjotr47 via FocBox Tool or FocBoxUI?

Okay, I’ve done it. It doesn’t help :C

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Sad, because I had sometimes a problem with the antispark and flashing the firmware again fix that problem.

its annoying problem because this unity wasnt very cheap. Its premium product. It shouldnt had issues like this :confused:

You’re using a DIY product from a small business, expecting everything to come together perfectly without a bit of tinkering is a tall order. Is it always the left hall indicators looking strange?

No, not always. It totally randomly

Can you post a few more screenshots of the other results.

Yes I can, give me a while. I’ll post screenshots with different motors setup. Want screenshots from FocBoxUI, FocBox Tool or both?