Focbox Unity - Hall Sensor Failure

I have a Focbox Unity with 2 BuildKitBoard Motors which are 6355 190kv motors.
I resaudered the wires to match the correct pin layout (red, white and then the 3 sensor wires and ground) as shown in the pictures below, I put both JST Connectors together (6 pins) but 1 motor is returning bad hall sensor.

What I’ve tried:
I did have the Sensor Pins (h1,h2,h3) the same wires as the motor that was working, I tried switching the Sensor Pins (h1,h2,h3) to a random configuration and the same 2 sensors reported the same data and the rest reported 255 which didn’t change.

I have also tried switching the phase wires to different configurations and reconfiguring the motors everytime but still the same Hall Sensor Data with the same failed sensor readings.

I’ve been working on this all night, my first motor functions fine with the sensors but the other one just doesn’t wanna.

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have you checked the sensors themselves?..are they whole?

The motor reporting good sensor data works in both ports so it shouldn’t be the unity.

The hallsensors inside the bad motor, check them.
Also check with DMM that you have connection in both ends of the wires.

The motors are enclosed motors from Build Kit Boards, I don’t see how I’d gain access to the inside.

Check with DMM, not sure what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

I promise you they’re very much disassemblable

Any idea how?

Can you also explain what you mean by checking with DMM? Multimeter or something?

Meassure resistance in the cable from connection A to connection B. Or do the diode test, with a Digital Multi Meter (DMM).

I’m sure there are plenty of instructions of how to dissassemble a outrunner motor. Use your googlefu.
Should be a C-clip and maybe a few grub screws and just pull em apart.

It is good sense to pull your motors apart once a year or so if used alot. To clean and look for damage.

Ok, thanks.

I’ve had these motors for 6+ months but they’ve actually never been used until now.

Then practice taking the bad one apart so you know how to when you gotta do some much needed cleaning in a year or so. Not sure about your motors but most of mine accumilate alot of dust and debris over time. If you’re unlucky other things find thier way inside as well. Might not be an issue if yours are closed tho.

The good ol turnigy Sk3s are another story.

I’ve asked Jared from BKB for help but he blames my connectors because I switched the pins around due to the Focbox Unity having a different pin layout.

Just to be sure, there’s a good chance that’s not it considering the data I am seeing from the hall sensors and the troubleshooting I’ve specified?

No matter how much I switch the pins around or the connector, the data is basically the same. 2 data points being read properly, the remaining 6 points fail with ‘255’.

Edit: Only thing I haven’t done to the pins is completely swap ground/5v to the opposite sides.

The sensor cables dsn’t matter in which order they’re in. The software dsn’t care about that.
Ground and power needs to be correct however. If you swaped these theres a good chance you fried the sensors. You can try meassure between GND and VCC of the cables(unpowered) to see what kind of resistance is there.

You should have the same values on both the good and the bad motor. If the bad ones has 0 ohm its prob toast

BKB’s connectors come with different 5v/ground pins than what the unity requires, I did try and use it while they were incorrect because I forget about the different pin layout. I’ll try and take apart my motor here in a bit.

I don’t have a DMM and my gf has our tools at a friend’s house right now so all my Allen keys (except my boosted board ones) are gone for rn.

I guess I’ll have to come back to this some other time or just buy a new motor.

Just for reference if I decide to buy a new motor, I could buy any similarly made motor and it would work fine with my BKB motor that works

I’m pretty damn sure the Flipsky 6354 2450w motor is the same as BKBs, just rebranded.

I’ve had my fair share of issues with hall sensors on the unity too. You should just try running sensorless; the unity can do sensorless operation really smoothly and. sensors are overrated IMO

I really like starting off smooth af, I used it with 1 motor in sensored and 1 without, it was smooth but you can tell the difference between them both.

If I ran both sensorless, I’d have basically 0 torque from a standstill with stuttering. :frowning:

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I ran a unity with 2 torque boards motors sensorless for a while, literally could not tell that I didn’t have sensors. No stuttering or anything. You should try

Then I did something wrong???

With my motors, sensorless causes me to have no torque/power from a standstill. It stutters and acts as if it’s struggling.

One thing that I noticed is that one jst has 6 wires one has 5 with a wire missing in the temp sensor slot is my guess if they are the same motors without the temp sensors you basically have 2 grounds in the one connection

I’ve tried with that motor disconnected, the temp wire goes nowhere and is just a dead wire I tapped off and haven’t removed.

That motor is the one that actually works btw.