Focbox DRV Chip blown

Kinda an update to my old thread… but it was on the other forum. :wink:
(Apparent DVR chip fried - unused focbox - first build - etc)

Got in contact with enertion

“You can purchase the focbox warranty on the site and we can send a replacement if the old one is sent to us. Otherwise, you need to get it repaired by the drvwizard.”

Couple of things…

  1. The warranty listed on their webpage is a whopping 139 usd. Which is insane.
  2. Who is DVR wizard

I have found a local place that seems to think it will be easy to replace for 30 bucks.+ the chip
I’m thinking at this stage I just take my chances with them than deal with enertion.

@JohnnyMeduse is the wizard you’re looking for.
Not sure if shipping from down under is worth it though. Maybe give your place a shot?


30 is a good price, it’s just a drv chip as long as they are competent in component repair it will be easy.

I do reccomend a Vesc expert though only because they are familiar with the product.


Where are you located?

Western Australia.

These are the guys,

They do seem like pro’s

I’ll give them a go and see what happens. better than paying enertion for basically a whole new focbox. or shipping things around the globe.

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Are you talking about focbox or focbox unity?

Cause enertion does not even have focbox warranty listed they have UNITY warranty listed for 139$

its a single focbox. yeah i know it doesnt make sense.
“Please pay 139 usd… (which is close to the cost of a new sinlge focbox) and send us the old one back”

yeah nah thanks.

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