Flux linkage detection failed?

WTF is “Flux linkage detection failed”?lol I just turn on my skateboard with 4s lipo battery for testing reason. I hear the motor beep, but it’s not spinning. The phase wires is not touching either and my pinouts looks like this.

Do I need more power for the motors or it’s something else?

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Typically it is bad connection somewhere on the phases or bad motor/esc at worst.

Best thing to try if it is a dual is swap motor/esc

It looks like i figure it out. my 1500mah 4s lipo battery was low(3.5v). All I did is charge it up to full(4.20v). Now everything is working.You got me worry for a second on what you mention.lol

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Check your solder joints.

9/10 times this is why I’ve had this error.

Update: I used a empty battery. The “Flux linkage detection failed” happen again. When I switch back to my full battery. it works again. This is normal?? It looks like the motors needs the power to do the test.