Flipsky VX2 Remotes For Sale UK

I’ve ordered a few of the flipsky VX2 pros as I’m changing my boards over to them.
I’ve had some of the first ones and have been running the colour one for a few months now and it’s my new favourite.
Got a few spare so for £70 you can get a new boxed VX2 which is now compatible with Unity too, plus shipping at cost. +5% for goods and services.
Photos to follow shortly.


1 for meeeee

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Just droppin’ in to say that these remotes have been solid. I have been using an older b&w version and recently received a pro and am even happier with it.


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I have a wand which just sits at home staring at me.:joy:


do you turn it on now and then just to look at the screen like me ? :wink:

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Still a few left…

Will be happy to take one or two if still available?

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Yep, still got a few. I’ll drop you a pm.

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