Flipsky VX1 wiring help !!!!

A friend of my daughter came to us, we did a pool party, he is 2yo decided to throw my remote to the pool. Beside the fact that I wanted to kill the kid at that moment :frowning: , I quickly took it out and dried it. When I took it apart, the wires disconnected from the throttle.
Can someone with a Flipsky VX1 be kind and tell me what is the correct wiring please ?
Which wire goes to which pin ?

Thanks !

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@Anubis would u be able to help?

Google Fu manchu

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Wow great ! :slight_smile: I didn’t even gave google a chance :slight_smile: , indeed, cool !

Someone had a similar problem but his wires disconnected from the other end :joy:

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LOLL, cool :slight_smile: thanks a million !

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No problem that’s why we’re here