Flipsky VX1 remote - no charging light

has anyone had the charging light stop illuminating when plugged into usb?
Once it’s on it looks like it’s getting the charge ok.
I’ve used it maybe 20 times so far and have been really nice to it (put it on a tiny pillow each night)


You could find a way to open it up, and check if the battery volts is going up.

Edit: And check the Led

thanks, waiting to see if i hear from Flipsky re any warranty cover…
then when i don’t hear anything i’ll take it apart and possibly break it properly,
it’s definitely charging, just doesn’t have the pretty charging light

warranty is only for 2 months after purchase, time to take it apart…

If i do the double tap of the power button it shows the battery level and it’s not charging.
everything looks “ok” in there (to my untrained eyes…)
looking at both sides of the board nothing looks damaged, has anyone else had the VX1 stop charging?

Follow the traces and check for continuity, sometimes the connections shake lose and you can’t see it but they are easy fixes

Thanks Zach

not sure which points i should be checking continuity between (wonky face here)

Hmm…I can’t see the traces clearly but I think its the 2 lines that pass under the red and blue wires, see if there is any voltage at the end when the charger is connected and then when its disconnected

cheers Zach,
going to duct tape the camera and macro lens to the front of my face and dive in!

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I tried, but too tiny for my sausage fingers and mole eyes!

just ordered a remote from LHB, hopefully this remote battery can hold out till that arrives, at 50%…

Whatcha gonna do with the dead one?

no plans yet, was thinking of maybe building a tiny raft, setting it on fire and giving the remote a viking burial on the local pond.

Flipsky got back to me and have offered me a good discount on a replacement so I’m going to get that, so may keep this one for spares

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I think the burning plastic from the funeral pyre would be awful :fire:

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Soldering and hot glue gun skills have probably not improved, maybe worsened?
but i do have a chargeable remote to keep me going, good times


I have 5 flipsky vx1 that won’t charge, there must be a cheap electronic component that fails.

Has anyone found a fix for it?

Yeah, get a Hoyt Puck