flipsky remote stopped pairing

I pushed my antispark power button, and the symbol for receiver flashed for a moment on the remoteVX2. Then it was gone. No pairing. I tried pairing. Then I tried motor detect again. It worked fine. But, no remote detected. There is no led lit on the receiver. Is there supposed to be a blue led lit?

I picked up another receiver, figuring that the receiver burnt out.

IS there a blue led on the receiver? Can the vesc stop detecting and powering the receiver? If it burnt, will the other side still function?

The VX2 has a screen. What does it show when you power it on?

Yes, there is supposed to be an led lit on the receiver.

U got flipskied’

Also try swapping the TX and RX connectors on the receiver, that helped with my problems.

If you mean switching the receiver plug in to the other side, I did that, no joy. At least it was a cheaper item to fail.

Yes, that is where the symbol flashed for a moment on remote. Then was gone. When I hit power button, it flashes the symbol, then I let off, then press again, the symbol returns and stays.

Did you try this?

It was working fine. Are you saying that it still might need swapping? They are different ends.

What do you mean it was working fine? Was the VESC working beforehand and accepting input from your remote?

My board has worked for months. The reciever symbol appeared for a split second, on remote readout. But, then it didnt return as usual.

The blue led is out on reciever, so I assume that is the culprit.


You should have known you are fucked because of this.

You can use a multimeter to measure voltage on the power leads to your receiver.

But it’s most likely fried. Buy a better remote.

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