Flipsky powered on for 10 seconds and now drv fried

Hey guys, first time posting, also first time working with a vesc. I got a flipsky v4.12 to run a 13s2p build, which from what I’m reading was a bad idea lol. I just wanted to verify the board was good, so i hooked it up to my battery (52v at the time) with no motor hooked up, no antispark connector, so i got a small spark, vesc led lit up, i quickly unplugged it, plugged in my USB, then reconnected the battery. Now its totally dead, drv just gets hot, no led, no connection to computer. I just don’t understand what i did wrong… the vesc is rated for 60v, there shouldn’t have been any current running through it… was it a bad board? Should i have been running an antispark? I just want to make sure i don’t blow another one! Can someone educate me?

FlipSky is bad quality to start, 4.12 is NOT rated for 13s at all to begin with, and plugging in without an antispark create a massive voltage spike that is well over 60v…you toasted the thing. Get a better ESC, use a 12s or less battery, and please use an antispark


You should state Flipsky powered on for 10 Seconds…
VESC® refers to the original hardware and software only.

The DRV is dead, it supplies 5V if it is alive. These 5V power the blue LED.
52V should be fine though. You need some headroom for voltage spikes.
13S fully charged is definitely too much! 13S charged to 51-52V should work.
If you plug in without anti spark, the capacitors will generate a high inrush current, that is why it sparks.
Always use a anti spark connector or switch.





Sorry @evanisxander 4.12 is in no way suited for 50v and no antispark. You might be able to have someone solder a drv , they run about $10 on their own.
This is a great example of why we preach to research before doing anything. Unfortunately such ratings as “60v” require the understanding of induction and capacitance. So it’s very misleading. The load is the capacitor, with minimal resistance, creating a current surge, which even when the capacitors reach 52v, will cause a voltage spike above 60v, causing the sacred white smoke (hallowed be thiy name)


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Especially in this case, where a VESC may very well have survived this abuse.


Gotcha, i bought this guy specifically because it said it for use with a 13s. I’m probably gonna run an antispark and try to get it running as is and upgrade the esc. Do you know of any that will support a 13s for real?

Fixed, thank you


Depends on your budget, but the higher end 6.xx based ones do fine

It is still a risk because you get dangerously close to 60v. Not anything to be recommended for long term reliability.


Alright, so based on this input, I’m gonna back down to a 10s, at least until the hardware catches up! Have my eyes on a metroboard 10s3p, that should work with a flipsky v4.12 right?

Yeah that ought to be fine, still get a loop key at least though


Although unsupported and dangerous, if ya gotta do it, I believe Focbox (single) is the most proven for 13s. Silly me has 3 boards with 5 total focboxes enduring 13s voltages, sometimes with transient DRV errors. Nothing fried (yet)!


Hey there’s a little hope! I’m gonna run 10s for a bit then upgrade to FOC later and give it a shot