Flipsky paypal claim

Recently got a 6.6 dual VESC from flipsky that was defective.

Long story short, I ended up filing a claim against them via paypal to get my money back.

Now flipsky has changed their tune and says that they will send me a replacement if I lift the claim.

I already got a different 6.6 from someone on here.

Anybody have experience with this? I’m wondering which way paypal will lean, because I just want my money back at this point.

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Dont lift the claim till they fulfill their offer. The claim is your only winning card.


Don’t let up with the claim. Once you let it go PayPal doesn’t have to lift a finger to help you.

This is really common with shitty foreign (have never encountered this with an American vendor, ain’t no racism here ◉‿◉) vendors, they promise you the world to get you to lift your claim… And then completely ignore you once they’re not held at proverbial gunpoint


Make sure you take a screenshot of them saying they will offer something in exchange for a dispute cancellation. Place in the documents in your claim and have that as an advantage if it goes to PayPal for decision. A seller should never ask to cancel a dispute before resolution. Especially not a company like flipsky that has the funds to cope with a single hold while they resolve the issues.


This is golden advice.


If you want Our money back just say so. Flipsky won’t really care that much either way. Just tell them upfront you want the refund. And that you can’t release the dispute until they refund

@Pottsy sound familiar? :roll_eyes:


I seriously doubt they will offer a refund

I was thinking exactly the same thing

Yeah I figured as much

I won a cc dispute with flipsky for a defective dual 6.6 mini.
I had to send the esc back. Do not deal with them. Get your money back. Don’t play their games

That’s what I’m thinking. Did you have to pay to ship it back?

I paid 50 dollars to ship back defective esc. It was expensive mistake my part. Don’t lift the dispute.

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$50 with dispute?

Their customer service is as weak as todler piss, if you have to buy from flipshite buy from Amazon they will give your money back no questions asked. Don’t lift your claim it’s not acceptable.


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