Flipsky motor knocking sound

Flipsky 6374 battle hardened motor does not spin smoothly by hand and when give throttle you can hear a knocking sound before the motor cuts out and the esc flashes, only happened twice of 5 tests. Has never been ridden


Does the motor pass the BLDC hand test?

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failed step 2. hand spinning out of the box it felt clunky, like in the video


Most likely loose magnet, u better hope the magnet didn’t get chunked by the stator. If it didnt maybe u can get away with just sanding down the rough edges on the magnet and re epoxing it in place. That or just forgo this and send it back to flipsky if u can manage the return.

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Send it back to Flipsky hahah? Thats a joke right?


It’s been done before, but ya know I said if u can manage it. I have 0 hopes for that, but it is what it is.
Anyways rip that motor

Yeah you may get lucky epoxying the magnet. I had some damage to a magnet on my maytech motors and was able to fix it up with some epoxy, been running solid for hundreds of miles since. I have a post on it here if interested Damaged Motor Can - Is it Safe?


Yup same thing happened to me, but as long as ur magnet doesnt get chunked (in pieces) its a doable fix.

took the motor apart, it appears fine though I don’t know what im looking for, all I could find were some black shavings at the bottom of the enclosure. none of the magnets seem loose

On the motor stator there seems to be some wear on the magnets that the hall sensors are on.

Most likely piece of debris got caught on that stator pole and kept wearing at it.

Clean up the can. Maybe u just won the flipsky lottery on flipsky quality control and that debris is from who knows where.:upside_down_face:

Is the shaft tight in the can, or does it wobble?


If this was the case wouldn’t the stator be all fucked and not just that pole on the stator?

it doesn’t wobble, it does appear slightly curved, though its hard to tell

I purchased them off banggood which has its own return/repair policy so it might be possible

I resembled the motor and the noise stopped, took it out and sounded fine. the noise started again but only when its not under load?

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

no. Ive rode over 200km on it and had no issues. and can’t hear the sound while riding, havent taken it apart again though

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