Flipsky making me pay import tax


Just paid $133 to ship all of Flipsky’s defective crap back to them (My town doesn’t have a USPS that will ship overseas, had to DHL it). They just refused delivery, and asked me to pay the import tax before they would accept.

I declared the value at $500, what it actually is- and I have a feeling it has to do with that. I’ve heard from other users that Flipsky asks you to lie about the value of your items, and I’m guessing that since they didn’t get the chance with me they aren’t going to pay the taxes like (I’m guessing) they have to.

I would file a chargeback at this point because I’m sick of Flipsky’s BS but I threw a FSESC6.6+ in with the package that I bought used which needed repair. If I charged back and they didn’t return the items I’d be out of that too, with basically no recourse because I can’t file a chargeback to get my money back for the 6.6- only the other stuff.

Fck. I just want my $ back so I can buy an Amazon unity or trampa vescs. I’m on my 3rd shitty china vesc blown now and I’m sick of my board being down.

Somehow the tax is $114 so if I pay this, I will have officially paid more returning their crap to them than I paid for it in the 1st place.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal but this is china. Wat do?

You should have asked dhl to send it as a return so you dont pay taxes on the replacement

Flipsky is not making you pay anything, its your country tax office

They are doing you a favour to pay less import taxes with this

Hm. I did ask them to send it as a return, but I am still being charged. Is that normal?

No dude, flipsky is in the wrong! I went through the same crap… they asked me to do the same exact thing, claim the value under $15 when I paid almost $250. The way i justified it to myself was that what i was sending back was basically worthless broken. My esc is still in China, almost 2 months later. And ill bet they want me to pay shipping back when they fix it.


For China customs is complicate to send to China and tax all pay for import. They should have asking for send to Hong Kong.


I don’t think so. It’s the China tax office. The problem seems to be he hasn’t sent it back as a return and now the China tax office thinks Flipsky is actually buying the stuff from him and thus they are asked to pay the import tax.


@jeffwuneo we can’t wait for your ESC!!!

The item was explicitly send as a return through DHL. Is it possible there is a tax they would have needed to pay that they are trying to dump onto me? I don’t understand why they ask their customers to lie about the value of the products, otherwise

For China must pay tax for all importing even if small value.


I actually don’t know much about it. It might be the China tax office ignores the fact this is a return and they interpret it as a purchase instead. If Flipsky purchased items from you, then obviously they would be responsible for the import tax. I imagine the “return” may be often misused (send everything as “return”; never pay any tax) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the tax office treated all packages as purchase for that reason. Lying about the value is then probably the only way to get around the tax. It’s a mess.


@janpom, I agree with you. I attempted to claim it’s a return Via usps, no dice.

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On Flipsky’s defence, when they have sent me a sample of their davega based module for feedback, I also had to pay the import tax and they have reimbursed that. That’s of course a different situation though.

Flipsky just offered to pay for all but $90 of the import tax. So I think this just about confirms that they are supposed to pay it, otherwise they’d be totally firm. Should I just go for the chargeback?

I dont fully understand the situation, but if i sell you a product for 100$ and you return it back to me, i should not be charged import tax infact the government would have to refund me VAT if the tax month had passed.

You probably should have declared lower value, given that declaring high value only gives this situation a chamce to happen when legally it shouldnt have

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technically in some countries a 100$ product that has an electronics defect is allready a total loss / write-off because the technicians fee is almost as high for 1 hour of labour…

i wouldnt feel bad to declare them at 1$

Sorry to hear about your findings.

I think this is a very common conclusion. Also think most of the senior people say it alot but maybe not enough it seems. DONT BUY IT CAUSE ITS CHEAP. Usually turns out more expensive in the end.






If the esc is broken how is of $500 value? You should report accordingly.


Wish I listened to this. But i have many friends who personally attest to and use Flipsky escs and have been running them for a while without issue.

6.6+ wasn’t cheap either, and that’s supposed to be the reliable flipsky esc

I think this is aside from their shady business with me though. They are asking me to pay for things under warranty and doing many weird things. I’ll probably end up wiping their table with a chargeback but it is wrong of them either way, cheap or not