Flipsky 6384 with Trampa helical spur gear

I’m looking for advice or suggestions on this one.

I bought the Flipsky’s 6384 motors and the Trampa helical spur gear drive.

The gear drive comes with the can cover with mesh to protect the motors, however they seem to not line up to be bolted down. The motor wires are in the way as pictured below. I would use CAD to mock up a new can cover but i’m not that good at CAD. I do have a resin and fdm printer but not sure if it’s even worth it. I could just bolt the motors straight to the hub assembly but in my opinion it doesn’t look great.

I believe the phase wires are getting in the way there, correct?

I think the phase wires on the Trampa motors come out at a different angle so they do not interfere with the cage.

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You are correct. they are ever so slightly off preventing the holes to line up. I guess I’m looking for advice weather to spend time on designing a new piece with the corrected adjustments to print or just go without the cover at all, although it doesn’t look as well.

I must have missed this. I see another solution which would be to cut part of the cage/plastic with a sharp exacto or dremel.

Most likely the phase wires will be pointing down or in towards the board and you wont see the cuts that much anyways. You can probably file it nice and smooth too.

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I thought about doing this as well. It may be the way I go honestly, but I didn’t know if I could get away with taking material off without destroying the one mounting hole, or if missing that mounting hole would even make a difference.

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I doubt loosing 1/6 mounting points will make much of a difference.

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I guess I’ll get out my dremel tomorrow to give this a shot. I’m still missing bolts from trampa and they said they would ship them out. So it’s a lot of just sitting around waiting before I can finish this thing haha


I‘d either dremel that part out or just don’t install that cages.
The Flipsky motors seem to be sealed, so dirt shouldn’t be the issue and you will get definitely better airflow and cooling on the motors without those cages.
Downside might be a bit of crash protection, but if you crash the motors so hard that they break, I guess that cages doesn’t help much either.

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Cage is only there to stop dirt going in, not really for motor protection

the cage isn’t really protecting anything, the latest flipsky motor is closed can design, the only way shit can get in is either the shaft or the phase wire hole, the cage will probably stop little pebble hitting the can, but i don’t think its worth the effort to keep them like new.

Than just trash those cages, really for what to use them :man_shrugging:

Trampa motors are not sealed, they have vents so the cage is necessary, they look good but on the flipsky, not really needed, if you can make them fit then by all means use them

To make sure they fit, I still need to use trampa’s mounting plate, so it makes it look pretty un-uniform.