Flipsky 6384 being detected at 65amps after run detection

I’m a newbie, just completed an upgrade using the chassis of a propel endeavour connecting to a 12s4p p42a battery w/bypassed BMS to stormcore 65d to flipsky 140kva 6384 battle hardened motors driven through a 15/72 gear ratio.

Feels slightly less powerful than I’d hoped, and the motors are being detected at 65amps each by vesc tool. I was expecting ~80amps. Would like to increase torque as I’m using this board off-road mainly.

Any advice appreciated.

Manually set it to 90 motor amps and have fun.
The detection values are guidelines. The motor can easily handle 90.


Set motor amps to 80 then. Detection isn’t a rule, more of a guideline.


Thanks, set it at 80 and it’s much better. Didn’t want to go much higher as I’m unsure of what the stormcore could tolerate.