Flipsky 6.6 ESC wont stay on

I just got a used ESC which was supposed to be working. It’s having issues staying on and turns off right when power is applied. It does get to the green light but not long enough for me to connect to it. I checked for 5V short and there does appear to be one…but only for a few seconds, possibly something wrong with my multimeter.

Using a 12S Lipo which reads 45V and the Flipsky 6.6 Pro FSESC. I have attached a video of the start sequence, sorry for the shakey video, I was plugging in the loop key.

Thanks for any help!



Something might be voltage cut off? Maybe try a charged battery?

Are your motors and recivier plugged in correctly

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Sorry for the delayed reply, it was an issue with my power switch, it’s working now!