Flipsky 4.20 vesc vs Unity

I’m planning a Emtb build and I am wondering if using a flipsky 4.20 vesc will be more reliable and allow me to run more power then a unity. Also I don’t have to do a bunch of annoying soldering on my 4.20 so I thought I would ask the community and see what people’s experiences have been.

Yeah no way, most people recommend not going past 20-25a on a 4.2 where as you can push 70ish comfortably with a small heat sink on a unity

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If you have to chose between the FS4.2 or the Unity, the Unity is better by leaps and bounds.

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FS4.20 is only good for ~40A burst and ~25A continuous. Thats not enough for a MTB. Unity Without any extra cooling is not that great ether but still better than a FS4.20

I would get a Xenith instead of the unity. Same thing bot more trustworthy Vendor.


Absolutely not. No way whatsoever. Flipsky ESCs are like dice rolling when it comes to reliability.

No, the Unity will have more power output capability.

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I already have both of these vests and just couldn’t decided, but my next step in this build is going to upgrade to a storm core and go 12s or do unbox at 16s

Awesome thx for the info!

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