Flipsky 15.2” DKP truck question

Recently received a set of Flipsky 15.2” DKP trucks. Other than the slightly longer axle, there is a weird 20mm aluminum spacer on the rear truck. Anyone know what it is for and have info of what pulleys and/or wheels will fit? BTW, axles are 10mm. Thanks I’m advance.


I just machined mine to go with the evolve pulleys. Works a treat.


What do you use to machine them down?

I went to a machining shop with a lathe…

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Flipsky bought the product design from a friend of mine who also launched a set of pulleys that works perfectly with the machined 20mm bearing seat, which Flipsky didn’t buy. Instead of making the design universal (which is honestly what you should do, instead of having the customers figuring stuff out themselves), they just kept it the same. I would strongly recommend having a machine shop carefully carve those parts out OR to take it safe and use pulleys that requires no bearings, like the ones MBoards sell (I’m sure there are other vendors out there selling those, the only ones I’ve ever got were from Mboards because at the time I didn’t knew how ^&&(^(&&)& of a company they were)


That really is too bad they put that aluminum piece there. More expensive for them to produce and a pain in the but to deal with.


Ya I thought the same when I received these trucks. If you haven’t bought wheels and pulleys Im using mbs rockstar 2s and a 62T gearing on my next board. Bearing were a pain to find but seems to fit well with the spacer.

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Weird, the older ones didnt have this, they had extended axles.

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I’m using rock-stars on mine. I printed a 10mm spacer to use between the wheel and pulley. Everything lined up nice.

Mine didn’t have it. Just 10mm axle. I used trampa pulleys 62 and spacers to get this to fit.


Is that 15.2" or the smaller ones though?

15.2 their from like a year ago. That I got around to make work. Could use longer stand offs


How mine look like now, after machining


Is the motor mount pattern on these the same as standard evolve?

I have both sizes of flipsky truck on 2 boards and I use steel mounts (skate kastle) made for evolve trucks so you should be good.

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I also machined mine but i took the axle and put it in a drill and ran a file over it, using dickyho idler mounts.

Was that to get rid of the shoulder? I plan to run them oh tkp baseplates and will need longer motor mounts

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The silver spacer pictured, the mounts (and most if i were to bet) dont have a hole big enough to slide to the mount on the axle, ie the silve thing is to thick.

Edit: running tkp baseblate with foward mounted motors using the dicky ho titanium evolve mounts. Also depending on the motors ur using you might get away with short mounts. The trucks are wide and the tkp bushing seat is far from the mounts.

Let me know if u want more pics set up has been great.

I’m hoping to run 6385’s. Worse comes to worse I can machine that shoulder without too much hassle. Good point with the motor mount hole. I want to run the same radium mounts as I have on my 13.75" flipsky hangers. I’ll have to check that I.d

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