First DIY build

Hi guys I m new here…I want to build my first DIY project and I need to know if I m buying the right parts. The idea is to build a good And performing downhill/freeride electric longboard, with the possibility to change AT pneumatics for some light/medium off-road and classic hard street wheels 90/97mm.
I have selected some parts and I think they’ll work fine together but I d like to read your opinion and tipps(SINCE I AM A COMPLETE NOOB WITH ELECTRONIC PARTS).
Also if I’m missing some crucial parts just let me know please… Hope you can dedicate it 5 minutes of your time!




Trucks/motor mounts: Haggy kahua trucks and motor mounts, not available now cause of the shop transfer



Ps. I know that I m missing a remote, enclosure, motor pulleys and I hope nothing else

Flipsky, while tempting in price, are a QC hit or miss. Some people have had luck, many have not.

Buy nice or buy twice is a hard lesson to learn but a good one.


Please don’t get the 4.2 vesc from flipsky there are some horror stories about it and some people would be MAAAAAD at you if you get a flipsky (some would say flipshit lmao). personnaly I bought a groups buy from flipsky the upgraded version of the 6374’s came a week after I bought mine >:( I still haven’t tested mine out (fucking missing parts with no money left smh) on the dual vesc 6.6 I was also able to get the bluetooth modual, another remote from maytech and the fake daveGa from flipsky (this one I don’t recommend that much)

shipping took some time to get to me (Canada Québec) but it was really well packed

oh and invest money in good protective gear if you don’t have those



You’re best bet battery wise might be getting one of the trusted battery vendors on here to build one for you


or build it yourself :man_shrugging:t2:

I swear I can’t find a good 10s4p battery… I only find chinese craps or Mboards which don’t work well… do you have any good links for 10s4p??

What other 4.2 vesc do you suggest?

Maybe this maytech?

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10s4p should be very easy to source, it’s so common…

Where are you located? We can recommend you some good battery builders / sellers near you.

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Italy :it:

Those ESCs might be too weak for off roading, althought with a 10s4p your battery will be the bottleneck, so they’re actually a good budget option. Might be cheaper to buy a pair from perhaps.

@Acido and @pjotr47 are reputable battery builders in Europe. That said, I see 10s3p and 10s4p packs for sale every now and then; you could search through the forum, maybe there’s one still available. Good way to save some money, if the battery came from a trusted source originally :+1:


Thanks a lot, I’ll probably order it from there :metal:t3:

Closing this thread per OP request. @BNDT