First crash in a year

Ok… I know everyone is expecting the gore pictures but fortunately none to share. Why? because I had good protective equipment. I had been working on my AT board and installed some new 6874 motors upgraded my Unity controller to 5.0 and in the morning went out on 15 mile ride no problem got on the board in the afternoon and had gone less than a 1/4 mile, was going up a steep hill with full throttle, the next thing I know I am slammed into the asphalt. It happened so fast however had on a protective coat and of coarse helmet. I think I was launched 15-20 feet. When I got up and went back to the board it was dead no power and looks like it just shut down abruptly during climb.

I have not open up the board as I am pretty sore so not sure what happened yet and will share what I find out. If you are thinking of getting a good quality jacket this is the one I was wearing and it did a nice job of protecting me from serious injury.

For 60 dollars the best money ever spent to insure I can keep skating in the future.



Glad you’re ok man, great job being protected.

Does the waist band of this one come up oddly high? Every jacket like this one I’ve got has an awkward crop top style to them.

How’s the fit?

No this one is actually kinda long fits like a ski parka comes well over the waist…I am 210, 6’ and bought a large and have plenty of room if anything maybe a little on the big side. I can try to take a picture but really this is an awesome jacket extremely well constructed. I was very surprised how nice it is…



Thank you for the helpful review. I can finally stop showing off my midriff on turns.

Fast heals man


If you look at the pictures the selves are plenty long…if you stand and look at were your wrists fall in respect to your core that is approx length of the coat…It will cover a good portion of your butt.

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I totally recommend a quality coat like this one with pads in the back, shoulders and elbows. I hate taking the time to put all the pads on rather just put a coat on and have it all covered.

Yeah mine did not line up right in the photo and it’s apparent.


This coat drops approx 6" below waist line shown in picture. Would cover 2/3" of the front pant zipper. Coat runs big… I have large and it fits good not tight at all plenty of room and the sleeves are plenty long.

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Yes let us know what you find in the post inspection. Glad you are safe.


Roomie uses this jacket. It’s pretty good for the price

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Will do Deodand…Kevin

Glad to hear you’re ok Kevin, bike jackets are great especially ones built to standards and the longer one can help with avoiding nasty rash on the midriff and hips.

Kevlar jeans are great too if possible a zip together arrangement is worthwhile.

Be interesting to see the Unity info and wondering if you had a metr or any logging going on

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I pulled the board apart and the UNITY WAS NOT THE ISSUE. The board is a number of years old and one of the primary wires had a splice that failed.


Good on you for figuring it out.