First build electronics check

Hey all,

I’m building my first esk8. I’ve ordered all my components, I just want a sanity check to make sure everything I have will work nicely together.

Batteries are 2x6s tattu 16000mah lipo rc packs (they were free)
Stormcore 60d+
2xflipsky 6354 motors

The only issue I see is the diebie limiting me to 70 amps, so I’m not sure if that’s going to gimp my system or if I should bypass it and only use it for charging/monitoring.

Any thoughts?


Howdy, I can tell you that the stormcore and flipsky 6354 are solid. I haven’t used the other items you’ve listed.

A lot of people here bypass the BMS for discharge and use it for charge-only.

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bypass, other choice are solid

what’s ur deck + enclosure?

Wait…you’re asking after you’ve ordered everything?
sorry, just couldn’t resist :slightly_smiling_face:


I tend to do that. I saw the stormcore highly recommended, so I pulled the trigger on it, and I got the diebie for a real good price and saw that it was also highly recommended, so I jumped on it.

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Deck is a dregs 40 inch dh board I have sitting around. Enclosure is a bud industries aluminum chassis enclosure. It’s hard to find an enclosure to fit the batteries. The enclosure is 3x7x17, so I’m going to have to stick some risers on the board for ground clearance.

Would definitely bypass discharge. Thats what most do.
Sounds like youre gling street wheels?

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Yea, bought torqueboards 110mm and the boardnamics helical drive.

Gonna be some sick ass first build !
Be sure to post your progress here, we are all glad to help :wink:

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