First adventures with frit

Before I tried frit on a new deck I wanted to test the process, I did all this without looking up how to do it and just from memory, some practice before try something similar with my Tayto deck.

Have to say this took much longer than I expected but I found it really satisfying - I think none really gets the effort that goes into a @Sender -ized board :smile:

I wanted to use something disposable, decided on an old meepo campus board I had no use for…

removed the grip

gunk was a pain to remove…

I used a pencil eraser

tuned out pretty nice

did a little sanding

the epoxy I used

I went for fast, mainly due to temp in Scotland would need heaters to get to 25 Deg.

first coat epoxy

the firt i wanted to play

these are Rainbow on Black Dichroic flakes, silly expensive but sooo nice

sanded, then did a coat epoxy and let it get tacky

so this is where I am pretty sure I went wrong - material has too much texture and is too dark, this was with a flash

one coat on material, texture is so obvious already

right I’ll add another coat just to see if it helps, at this point i did think that I might not even need to add frit its so textured lol

so at this point I’m actually feeling quite confident…

some sanding and things are looking ok

after I’ve sanded to its as clear as possible I add some frit

these were all ‘medium’ I used more cobolt than black and purple but they just seemed much bigger

at this point im quite happy

tidy the edges after a final coat epoxy

so the problem is that after the last couple coats its not really possible to see thru the expoxy anymore

I used a few Dichroic flakes to see how they would look

as far as the frti turned out I’m really happy


West system 105 actually yellows more and more with each coat, its not meant to be used as a clear coat.


now that makes me feel better, so the lack of clarity is expected :slight_smile:


Awesome work btw :rofl: resin is fun. I really like the texture that comes out on top of the fabric, im gonna try and keep a but of that when i frit mine

I really did think at the time I could ride with just this texture, if I was todo it again I would have just added frit at that stage I would have ended up with really good clarity and skipped a bunch of steps :slight_smile:

The texture did give me the idea purposely using a heavy fabric with some wool to make a durable material for re-enforcing an enclosure… some heavy weave tartan rather than carbon :wink:

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@sk8l8r Well done… Is there any cracks on the resin, when you flex the deck ?

That would be sick

Nice loving the tartan, has given me some ideas now!

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Great first try. I can’t say I like the outcome but I do like the effort.
Nice to see someone documenting the process.


awesome, ordering some frit now, thanks for sharing!

WD40 and a dry rag works pretty good for removing of Satan’s griptape goop


it was a pretty stiff deck before starting out I’ve not tried flexing much I will try it a little this weekend.

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nothing personal im just a grammar nazi i find this sorta Stuff funny.

anyways awesome job for your first try dude im impressed

I saw the spelling error but I admit I didn’t change it as I quite liked it :wink:


Would you please share the result, thanks :+1:

going to be quite brutal as I don’t care at all about this deck :wink:

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Yeah :slight_smile: But lets better find out if cracks occur when normal use or not, so please keep the brutality at a reasonable level :slight_smile:

West systems is a good epoxy/resin brand. If he did it right, I highly doubt it will crack under the flex the deck will go through.

Check out @Sender’s work. Similar process, (but at a genius/virtuoso level) and you don’t see cracks in his.


Thanks for the tip :+1:

I’m really impressed at how much flex it can take, no cracks with some real bending :slight_smile:


nice, did any bubling occured ? %100 of the resin stayed sticked to the surface ?