Firefly Remote + Focbox Unity

I had a Firefly remote built a year ago and am finally trying to connect it to by Focbox Unity. Are they compatible and if so what settings do you need to use to connect the two together?

I got the issue resolved but the deadmans switch is inverted and a bit dangerous to ride. Any ideas how to get the switch to be flipped so I have to hold it to go?

inverted how?
You have to release to allow you to control throttle?

it might be in cruise control mode.

I don’t really have much to contribute other than I hope you get it figured out.

I wish the firefly and feather remotes were more stable in the big city, I had to shelve mine.


I love my feather, though I am not inside the city. I want to do a wired mod to it soon.

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It looks like its in cruise control mode but i can’t exit it :frowning:

Do you know how to get it out of cruise mode? It won’t let me switch it to deadman switch

not sure tbh.
Im basing this off the Firefly being similar to the Feather

In the case of the Feather, its a menu setting.

My remote also just recently started applying 100% full brake at speed randomly. Any ideas?