F-Of-C - open-source Free-Of-Charge vesc6 board in development. Schematics available

You can tell JLCPCB to assemble how many you want. I set it for all 5 assembled. Add the FETS, Caps etc separately, about $200. More than I want/need.

You get to pick either a nonnegative multiple of 5 … or two. Those are the only options. You can’t get 4, 16, -5, or 1. You can get 0, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 80000.

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Number 1 out of 5 assembled, tested and working.
No big issues with the assembly.

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The Bosch page surprisingly doesn’t specifically call out the replacement imu, most seem to have the same package size.

I took a look at the new BMI323 (which also specifies low noise) and BMI270 (low power) which appear to be the same package size, 323 differs from BMI160 in the callouts for pads 2 and 10, BMI270 seems to have an identical pinout. (I haven’t read into them or the other options in any more depth than that)


BMI260 and BMI263 look interesting for the self calibrating gyroscope, not sure what impacts that would have here.


This looks awesome. :100: :heart: :100: :kiss: So you did the assembly without swiss machine headers, and with the mcu board on the top side, which is also perfectly alright.

INFO: If you connect a momentary switch - the first time you connect it might take up to 1 minute before you can switch it off again. This is because the capacitor needs to charge the first time it’s connected. I can probably do better in v1.01, but I wanted to build the momentary-stuff-circuit from jlcpcb-standard components to keep the extra price only at a few cents.

I’m a little confused. Does vesc 6 software support anything else than BMI160 and MPU9250?