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External Battery solution.

Here is my plans for adding in an external battery to my current build.
both batteries are 12s2p 40t 8ah.
the internal one is new. the external one is about 6 months old.
fsesc 4.2. fs anti antispark 200A enhanced.


does anyone see any issues with this?
I assume that I would need to charge both independency. and that they would both need to be fully charged before connecting them together in parallel.


Aslong as voltage diff between pack is in the same area when you connect them it should be fine.
Dont connect them if difference is too high, big current rush will occur to try reach equilibrium.

Where is the BMS in this scenario? Charge only? one on each pack?


Any reason you don’t want to parallel the charger ports as well to charge as one larger pack?

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charge only on both

didn’t think of that lol.

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