Evolve Gtx Battery upgrade

Hi guys, I have nearly finished my replacement 10s4p 30q pack and it’s become fairly obvious the bms is no longer going to fit in the enclosure. Just wondering the best way of getting everything backtogether. I have access to a 3d printer so I could print a riser in petg but I don’t mind routing out an extra 8mm for the Bms. I’m 82kg so I’m not to sure if that’s going to effect the flex in my deck too much. Are there any other options Ive missed?

That’s what I did and most people do with a gtx batt mod. LHB has been doing it this way forever and I’ve toured out a pocket above the esc without ill effect (I am 100kg). Go for it.

hey I’m looking to get a battery for my gtr can you point me in the right direction im kinda new to the estate and my board won’t power on im thinking its my battery

It more than likely is not your battery. Where are you located, my man? If we have an idea of location, we might be able to find a lad or ladette in here that that could help you out locally with troubleshooting

Have you tried evolve support? When I had an evolve before i got into diy, their support was always awesome. I do live 30 minutes from the So Cal distribution center though.

What is the max amp output of a 10s Gtx lipo battery?

I believe the scientific answer is

Two fifths of fuck all

Seriously tho, you’ll start seeing significant sag at anything over like 25a