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Evolve GT pulley options

I’m looking at picking up a set of 120mm cloudwheels, but being on the heavier side of things I figure it’d be a good idea to jump up to a 38T drive pulley. Evolve is sold out in my home country (NZ), but even then $70 seems excessive for a couple of plastic parts. Are there any quality 3rd party options?

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So get someone to 3D print

From what design? Is there a pre-existing file?

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look through thingiverse

Not much there. There’s a 36T but it’s only 12mm, and I think 38T is a better option. I see Skate Kastle does aluminium ones, but they are very expensive and from what I understand aluminium isn’t a good choice for this application.

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You’ll need to use the larger evolve bearing for those

Alternativly if you’re not overly picky about the color of the clout wheels you could order this kit from Ownboard. The Ownboard trucks are identical to evolves so this will fit without issue, belts too even.