Evolve carbon Gen 1 uk

Comes with a/t and street set up, very light use.
Full deets here

What are you selling?

Title says Carbon Gen 1
You link a Carbon gen 2 for specs

No pics, no price.

If it’s the gen 2 again, why make a double post?


‘Cause it was listed in a different section / not under completes for sale.
Technically it’s a Gen 1 carbon but a Gen 2 evolve . (My bad) price etc is in the link no?

You can change the Category accordingly if the original one isn’t correct.

You are selling the Carbon on the other post as a complete either way so the best is to leave the original post as is, or change the category of it to “completes”.
This second post has no need in my limited opinion.

It is, but you also could’ve taken minimum effort to copy and paste it over here.

@longhairedboy how would you solve this situation?

I recategorized the original post. I’m going to close this one because its basically a duplicate.

Thanks @xsynatic nice catch.

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