Evolve batteries

My DIY is still in work. Yesterday, according to CycleDroid, I passed 1000 miles on my Evolve Bamboo GTX AT. I use Trampa Urban Treadz rather than the stock Evolve tires. I went 18 miles and just hit the 30% battery left speed knockdown a mile from home. This is pretty much the same mileage I got when it was new. So far, knock on wood, my batteries are as good as new. I don’t use a fast charger. Other than that I don’t do anything special to maintain them.

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Do you use ECO mode?

No. I use Fast mode and I do not kick to start.


My experience with Evolve battery is very different than yours.

:sunglasses: Glad yours doesn’t suck.


It seems it is different than most everyone’s. That is why I brought it up. Lucky I guess.

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You sir are lucky. however I stay in GT mode and use the fast charger 20% of the time.

I to use the Urban Treadz and love them, I live in a hilly area so the added torque is great.
Plus I prefer hard tight carves over speed so loosing the top end was no problem.

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With the Urban Treadz and ceramic bearings I can roll so much further than with the stock equipment. That’s just in a straight line. Those stock wheels are a disaster. I tried to balance them repeatedly but they are just too floppy to balance or to hold their shape in a tight carve. Too much profile and not enough pressure.

True true, I to put a set of Swiss bones bearings. Sweet carving board. I keep the trucks loooosssee.

Now I’m getting a clue why you don’t like the lacroix. @bourbon_norm
Mike my CGT battery behaved itself too for the time I owned it but to be honest that wasn’t very long. Mine was an early one and I got it at a year old. I put a 1000k’s on it and it was fine. Then again I didn’t really know any different at the time. Most pre builts then were crap to be fair so it didn’t really have to do much to shine. I liked it though.